4.5 5 0 15 15 The coconut coffee scrub that deeply exfoliates for clean, fresh skin. Made with 100% natural extracts and coconut fruit extract, known to help repair the skin and leave it feeling super soft and smooth.
St Ives Energising Coconut & Coffee Scrub
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Give it a go
Its not an expensive product but it leaves the skin smooth. I usually would use it about once a week and it just smells nice and the skin is soft.
One of the best facial scrubs I have ever used
Not too abrasive on my skin, but feels like it is actually polishing my skin as I use it. Smell is very coffee/coconut, gentle enough to use daily. I really like this, my skin looks and feels so clean and smooth. I've used St Ives products for years - I believe this is their best to date.
St Ives energising scrub
As this has no artificial ingredients i feel it is more natural. I am an older lady so its important to me to use what s suitable for my skin
Love the Coconut + Coffee smell
I really love the smell. Overall I like this scrub because it leave my skin smooth and pull out all died skin
Gorgeous coconut+coffee scent
This scrub has a gorgeous coconut+coffee scent! It feels like it really exfoliates your skin and leaves it feeling soft and not dry. I like that it is made with actually coconut fruit extract too.
Value for money
Works great for all skin types, polishes and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. Lasts a long time even with frequent usage and the texture is nice, no complaints here. 4/5!
Smells amazing
It has left my skin feel softer and glowing, Totally satisfied with the produce.
Smells absolutely amazing
Has left my skin smooth and glowing, a very happy customer
Feeling fresh!
This product is fantastic for anyone with trouble skin! I love how clean and fresh it makes my skin feel, I love the st Ives range and this is another great product in the facial scrub range. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a deep cleanse that isn’t harsh on skin!
My skin was so smooth
O have very dry skin from washing my hands so much as a nurs. This worked so well for me.
I love product. Since I have oily skin, I exfoliate my skin quite often and this gives amazing results. Also, I like my scrubs to have noticeable granules in them which it has. Also, I love the smell of coffee.
Great for my skin!
I love this scrub. It smells amazing and does wonderful things for my skin!
Yes and I love it
I love this scrub its a great exfoliate and my skin feels fresh and I love the smell
Energising scrub
St Ives energising scrub contains coconut and coffee. It applies well and works well. It has a nice smell. It left my skin smooth and soft. It comes in a good size tube that lasts long.
Tried this the other day and absolutely loved the smell of it and how it applied! It worked amazing and didn’t leave my skin super sensitive or in a rash! Would highly recommend!

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