4.6 5 0 188 188 Nuggets shaped from chicken breast in a tempura coating for a snack you know and love.
Steggles Tempura Chicken Breast Nuggets
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Nearly as good as the fast food chains
Steggles tempura chicken nuggets are divine. If cooked properly they are as good as the deep fried unhealthy fast food chain. They are always the first to be eaten at dinner time. Kids will definatley love them
Crunchy and light
These are my preferred chicken nuggets. The tempura coating is light, crispy and elevates the experience of eating normal chicken nuggets. As always, the Steggles chicken is real chicken and has a really good texture and not rubbery like many other nuggets. An easy meal when you're tihgt on time. Would reccomend.
loved it! delicious
yummmmmmy... it's chicken nuggets what can you say? overall would definitely recommend it is one of my favourite chicken nugget brands/ brands overall to eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
a delicious snack
These nuggets are so easy to prepare and taste delicious as a quick and easy snack. The tempura gives them a golden crunch which makes them my favourite nuggets available
A different Nugget
These nuggets are great. They have a different texture to them than the other regular nuggets. The tempura batter on them almost makes them feel fluffier and lighter. Always have a pack or two of these in the freezer for the nights we can't be bothered cooking. Fantastic taste.
Our favourite nuggets
These are the nuggets I always buy - the tempura coating is amazing, they cook quickly and easily in the oven, and they taste great!
Lunch on the go!
My children love these nuggets. Less batter and more meat. Easy to throw them in the oven for school lunches on the days you run out of bread. Good for picnic and zoo trips too!
They are easy to prepare and very tasty, my kids enjoys them a lot
Favourite nuggets!
I love the Steggle's chicken range. Firstly,they are halal so it makes it easy for Muslims to consume. Secondly, they're so convenient and quick to prepare. Pop them in the oven or fry them in the hot oil. I love finger foods when am binge watching movies and sitcoms.
tasty morsels
The batter on these nuggets is not too much, the chicken to batter ratio is just perfect, and once cooked if you let them sit for couple of minutes the batter goes a little crispy, perfect for dipping.
My kids and myself love it!! It very juicy and very good to put it into stir fry as dinner too!!
My son loves this nuggets and it’s really juicy and in a very reasonable price.
I love these Steggles Chicken Breast nuggets they are so easy to prepare popped them in the air fryer. They are so tasty nice moist chicken a big hit in our family another great high quality product from Steggles well done
Kids love them
My kids love this brand of nuggets, I'm happy with the too because you can tell that they are real breast meat. We cook them in the air fryer for 15 minutes at 180 degrees, shaking a few times and they are perfect.
Kids Favourite
Quick Easy and the kids love these. They are always of high quality

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