4.5 5 0 4 4 Sukin's lightweight and purifying shampoo boosts volume and builds fullness into fine and limp hair. Rice protein assists to improve hair strength while a blend of pineapple, mango and papaya extracts nourish the scalp, leaving hair feelings soft and silky. A natural mango aroma refreshes the senses.
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A family sized 500 ml bottle that washed our fine hair well and left our hair shiny and clean but alas not with any extra volume.Sukin products are great because the don't contain any nasty chemicals and are gentle on the scalp.We all liked its soft fragrance.
Good chemical free shampoo
Sukin products are gentle and effective and do not contain any harsh chemcials. This shampoo is great for daily use and for men and women. The scent is a mild musk, smiliar to a lot of Sukin products. I didn't notice too much increase in volume in my hair, but it didn't dry my hair either.
Wonderful shampoo
I love Sukin products as they're so affordable, they work well and they are cruelty free. The volumising shampoo is great as it comes in a large bottle so it will last you a long time. It gives my hair a good clean without leaving it dry and it gives my hair a bit of volume as well. It also smells great!
Sukin always make the best products!! Their shampoo and conditioners included. It is perfect for my blonde coloured hair- doesn't leave you with a residue or oily build up. And their prices are great!

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