0 5 0 18 37 These delicious and delicately flavoured Apple and Cinnamon Rice Cakes are made from wholegrain brown rice and are so versatile you can have them on their own as a healthy snack or with your favourite toppings!
SunRice Apple & Cinnamon Rice Cakes
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Love these. Full of flavour, low calories and make a great snack. Kids love them too!
i absolutely love these.... just lush by themselves...addictive
I have tried this. Good when you need a sweet treat that doesn't pack a calorie punch.
Very nice. Great tasting and a great alternative to plain rice cakes.
I don`t like these but my son can`t get enough of them.
I really enjoyed this product as a snack and had been purchasing it for years. I can`t find it anywhere anymore??!!!!!
I love this product. Cant seem to find it on the shelves though. Great snack if you want that little something sweet with out eating lots of calories
These were so delicious it was hard to stop at 2 have enjoyed the other flavours in the range as we`ll.
My son loves these and makes a healthy alternative to other biscuits.
they are different. i wasn`t really likeing them but tried them with heaped butter and now they are yum. a kinda healthy desert
These taste delicious and are a great combination of flavours
I really love these - used to buy them all the time. Thanks for the reminder, I haven`t had them for a while but I`ll be picking them up next grocery shop
Really delicious, low fat treat to have at work instead of vending machine goodies.
I love my rice cakes but sweetened ones? I made the daring voyage - and I liked them! Apple and cinnamon is delicious! Great spread with a bit of ricotta cheese and topped with fresh fruit.
One of my favorite flavor.Very nice and doesnt make me feel too guilty when i eat them.I like the caramel flavor as well.

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