4.7 5 0 16 16 SunRice Brown Rice & Buckwheat infused with Hainanese Chicken Flavours. Gluten-free, ready in 90 seconds and perfect for pairing with chicken or fish.
SunRice Brown Rice & Buckwheat Hainanese Chicken Flavour
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This is nice
This is so nice, the combo of flavors is just amazing with the goodness of brown rice, I heat and eat the full pack myself with nothing else and it fills me up for sure, it's a nice meatless filler upper.
Quick and easy
Super quick and easy to make with a great flavor. If you have ever tried to cook brown rice you will know that it takes such a long time to cook. This is so much more convenient
Full of flavour
My family loved this rice as a side dish with some added veggies, it was full of flavour, ready in minutes and not overly oily. Has a nice chewy texture thanks to the buckwheat. Quite a strong ginger flavour, but we enjoyed it and will purchase regularly.
Easy and delicious
Very easy to make as the directions were clear and easy to follow. Tasted fantastic both on its own and with meat. The herbs and spices really shone through. Would definitely recommend this product.
Quick and easy meal in a jiffy
Taste fresh and yummy. I serve it with a chicken curry and an egg salad, it makes for wholesome and nitrous meal. With is came in a bigger pack as it’s not enough for big eaters. I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys a nice rice dish.
Great convenient pack
This little pouch of goodness is easy and convenient and tastes great as well. Good size portion if your looking fr a quick side dish to your meal when your by yourself .
Nice texture and easy to prepare
Love these pouches, so easy to prepare as a busy mum! The flavour is great, it tastes how it is described, and has been a hit with fussy kids! I've used this as both a side with chicken and as a main too. Definitely on our regular shopping list
Easy convienient
Really convenient great product great quality. You can't go wrong with this one. I defiantly reccomend
Yum and satisfying
Yummy! This rice is very tasty with a subtle chicken flavour. It a good snack size or suitable as a side dish in a main meal. It filling and easy to prepare.
Good. Easy and Covent product to use. Works well for a busy families
Quick & easy
This product is yummy healthy rare to find that combination together;:) To add also its cheap easy and fast for mums on the run thank you love love love it yummmy :) naomi harper.
Worth getting
If your busy or not the best at cooking rice this would be the way to go, tasty and fast zap in the microwave. Use this product when I have no time.
Super quick and tasty
Love the convenience as brown rice takes so long normally that we rarely bother. Tasty too.
Great for lunch
I really love this product for lunches at work! Super easy to add with some chicken to make a really fulfilling lunch and great for price value! Also really tasty in a salad too!
Goes good with fish and chicken
I like this rice it tastes good and is a healthy option for a side meal. It goes really well with chicken or fish. Its ready in 90 seconds in the microwave. I recommend this rice and will be buying in the future.

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