4.8 5 0 6 6 SunRice Brown Rice & Buckwheat infused with Hainanese Chicken Flavours. Gluten-free, ready in 90 seconds and perfect for pairing with chicken or fish.
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Quick & easy
This product is yummy healthy rare to find that combination together;:) To add also its cheap easy and fast for mums on the run thank you love love love it yummmy :) naomi harper.
Worth getting
If your busy or not the best at cooking rice this would be the way to go, tasty and fast zap in the microwave. Use this product when I have no time.
Super quick and tasty
Love the convenience as brown rice takes so long normally that we rarely bother. Tasty too.
Great for lunch
I really love this product for lunches at work! Super easy to add with some chicken to make a really fulfilling lunch and great for price value! Also really tasty in a salad too!
Goes good with fish and chicken
I like this rice it tastes good and is a healthy option for a side meal. It goes really well with chicken or fish. Its ready in 90 seconds in the microwave. I recommend this rice and will be buying in the future.
Not bad at all
It comes out of the microwave nice and fluffy, rice can be a pickle to cook but this was super easy and yummy. I would recommend this product

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