4.5 5 0 33 33 Rice cake bites are a tasty snack made with the goodness of wholegrain brown rice. Gluten free with no artificial colours, preservatives or added MSG. Perfect to eat at home or on the go.
SunRice Rice Cake Bites Sea Salt & Rosemary
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I love these as a snack whilst watching a movie. My alternate to popcorn! Super yummy, reasonably healthy. Wish there was more in the bag!
Tasty and light
These mini rice cakes have a light, crisp puffed rice texture and aren’t too oily or salty. They have a subtle herbal flavour and are great with dips, cheese and spreads. I like that they contain whole grain rice and are a healthier alternative when you need a savoury snack. The handy sized packet is also great for school/work lunch snacks and on the go.
So good
These are so yummy and I love dipping them in dips. Kids love them with cheese and cucumber.
Yum Yum Yum
Hi All, I have no issues with gluten free products but like them for their low saturated fats (some). These rice cakes took me by surprise. They are so moreish, tasty and have a really good flavour.
Healthy and Tasty
I think these are the best ever tasty healthy snack well balanced salt flavor not over powering light not heavy I could snack on these all day long and not feel guilty
Healthy snack
A healthier snack alternative to chips. Fresh crunchy bite size and tasty on thier own. A nice amount of salt to add flavour to the plain rice cracker.
Healthy snack
It is a good evening snack, with less calories. easy to eat and not messy.
these are different
I tried these on my recent flight, the hair hostess was handing them out to all passengers in the little individual packs, you get about probably 12 little crackers in the individual serving and they are by far nicer than the plain rice cakes, you can really taste the flavor and herbs on these little crackers without it being over done, was a nice way to try them, as being bored on my flight I had time to savor and take notes on the crackers, they are very nice and I have bought them again since first trying them.
Great for a snack
I bought these in special. They're a bite size of regular rice cakes. They have good flavour and taste goo on their own. I don't have craving for them, they're not bad and good to try. I think it's healthier than other snacks.
Hard to stop at a since serving
I am a regular rice cake fan, tried these and loved them. Found the flavour very moreish and hard to stop yourself from eating the whole packet. These would be great in a smaller size multipack instead I think.
Personally love the concept but not the flavour. Could be more of a range
I love these, they are great with dip instead of traditional crackers. They seem pretty healthy compared to most snacks, and my toddler can share them too.
Sooo good!!
I’m a huge fan of anything sea salt and rosemary so when I saw this I had to grab it. So yummy and perfect for a snack. I like to pack it into individual serves so I’m not tempted to eat the whole bag in one sitting
My kids love them
My kids love these. They are very affordable and delicious.
Really good.
Love two flavours of these things especially the green packet - sour cream and chives I think it is. Hated the BBQ one. Became quite addicted to the Sour Cream one recently though and could eat a whole packet myself. MMMMnnnn!

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