5 5 0 82 82 Sun Rice Wholegrain Mini Bites Creepy Cheese are delicious brown rice cakes, seasoned with natural flavours, that are the perfect bite-size snack for little critters. Packed full of whole grains, they also contain less fat than regular potato chips, for a yummy and healthy lunchbox snack.
SunRice Wholegrain Mini Bites
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No guilt tasty treat for everyone
Delicious! Meant to be for the kids but often works for my 3pm arvo snack especially now wfh. Full of flavour, great thickness to each cracker Works well on its own or with cheese and fruit. So easy to throw in a bag to take for kids snack on the run. So much healthier than chips AND its AUSTRALIAN RICE!
They're cute and yummy..I feel I'm eating a healthy snack.
Very nice snacky product. Tasty and you will crave for more!
Love these mini bites!! Great healthy alternative to chips. A huge bonus as my son loves these as well!!
I love the original flavour but did not enjoy the other flavoured varieties
I love them. I have tried most of the flavours and they are all tasty. A much healthier alternative than chips. My husband and kids love them as well.
I got these as a snack for my son he loves them
my daughter loves these she can not get enough of them
These are a fabulous gluten free alternative. My gluten free child thinks these are great :)
Mini rice cakes with cheese flavouring. Great snack if looking for a potato chip alternative.
not really that nice - they taste hard and a still a bit artificial. I wouldn`t buy them again - I would rather make popcorn and popped that in there lunch
Kids enjoyed them, but they have to be eaten quickly, otherwise they go too soft if they are left out of the packet for too long.
shame these are marketed towards kids because they are a nice flavour and portioned controlled for those of us watching our weight, maybe we can petition for an adult version?
Everyone loved in my house. Great and healthy snacks for kids and perfect for lunch box.
I tried the samples at the supermarket and loved the taste. I am an adult but I look for easy and healthy snacks to get me thru my workday.

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