5 5 0 9 9 Sunsol 10+ Natural Muesli includes more than 10 delicious ingredients including almonds, cashews, macadamias and walnuts. It's a great source of dietary fibre, protein, has no added sugar and is fruit free.
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Great balance
Excellent balance of nuts and muesli. This has become a regular in our house!
Delicious Goodness!
Love the taste! Its crunchy and delicious however you choose to eat it! It's good for you too!
So good
This product taste so good that it doesn't feel healthy but it is healthy for you. I really love this in the morning because it is packed with everything I need. Highly recommend
I have this regularly for breakfast with plain yogurt. Very tasty. Love the crunch and texture. Quite filling. Will always purchase
I loved this product. Although quite dry, a little yogurt or milk is my favorite way to have. They could have some with dried fruit as well but I keep buying it just as it is
Healthy, Tasty and Satisfying
I enjoyed having this for breakfast a lot. I prefer my muesli with no fruit, so this was a big plus. Good mixture of nuts, oats and not too much sugar! The price is a little steep, but I would buy this over others if it was on sale.
Natural muesli
This is a healthy tasting muesli that contains almonds, cashews, macadamias and walnuts. I like to have it with chopped banana on top and skim milk. I recommend this muesli
My favourite breakfast
This is my absolute favourite muesli for breakfast/ it’s healthy and no sugar And I love how many nuts and seeds are in it. I add some chia seeds and I’m set all morning. It really fills me up.
Taste great but only tiny serving sizes.
Tried it and loved it but the calories are very high for the small tiny portion it says is a serving. Probably only best as a topping for ice cream or somthing as its pritty sweet.

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