Swisse Kids Immune Health Tablets

4.7 5 0 23 23 Swisse Kids Immune Health contains vitamin C and zinc to support immune system health and stimulate a healthy immune response.
Swisse Kids Immune Health Tablets


Absolutely amazing.
I tried these. They’re great and nice and sweet; perfect for a child. They don’t taste like those weird nasty gummies but instead really good. My brother loves them and he hates gummies.
Love them
My 3 and 2 year old look forward to having these every morning. They enjoy the taste and have no problem eating them. They are rarely ever sick and have no problem bouncing back and recovering, peace of mind knowing they are getting the extra nutrients for their growing bodies from Swisse .
Awesome product
My 3 young children have been using this & it seems to help their immunity as they were always getting sick at daycare. A great product & they love them.
Swisse Kids Immune Health Tablets
My children have been taking Swisse Kids Immune Health Tablets every morning. They have no issues eating them and I have peace of mind knowing they are getting their vitamnin C and Zinc daily intake to keep them healthy.
Great supplement for kids
My children really enjoy these and I but when on half price sales. My children very very rarely get sick (6 year old twins), so possibly a result of regular vitamin intake.
Ok but gummies better
I like the vitamin D content in this product, particularly with lock down and kids mainly inside. Kids prefer the gummies, said they taste better. Tablets a bit chalky.
Actually good results, especially for kids with immune issues
My kids have food allergies and susceptible immune systems. I feel these have really helped my kids and improved their tolerance of viruses
Good product
Kids didn’t like texture at first but got used to it. Seems to have helped keep cold symptoms at bay.
I am using this product from long time. Very helpful for kids
Great for small kids
Great for kids health and are a great size too.
Easy to eat
Used this product for my nephew and its very easy to make your child agree to eat these as they look child friendly. Also, the ingredients in this supplement are very beneficial for a child's immune health
Highly recommend
We have genuinely seen a decrease in the number of 'daycare bugs' that my son is bringing home since having these as part of our daily routine. On top of that, I've noticed that my son's skin is a lot less rashy than it used to be. I'm unsure if it's correlation or causation, but the Immunity is the only thing we've changed in his diet.
Kids like them but rather gummies
My kids have been ok taking these tablets, however they prefer gummies as they think of them more of a treat than a vitamin. My daughter has told me it leaves a slight chalky taste but still tastes nice. I have been lucky with not a great deal of sickness this winter
Kids love the flavour
I like this product as it is easy to get the kids to eat it. They like the flavour. It is a good all round multivitamin.
Keeping kids healthy
This product is a good one. Its not a struggle to get my kids to have these because they have a great flavour

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