4.4 5 0 66 66 The perfect guilt free snack. Naturally crunchy wholegrain rice cakes topped with creamy European milk chocolate, perfect for the whole family, at only 16 calories you can have your cake and eat it too!
Table of Plenty Mini Rice Cakes
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Mini and Yummy
Oh my gosh so yummy, so tasty, so delicious, so crunchy, so satisfying! I take these to work all the time to satisfy my sweet tooth. I have a problem eating just a few and generally finish the whole pack at once. So naughty but ever so yummy.
Tasty snack for on the go
Overall I really liked this product, the combination of textures of the rice cake and the chocolate sometimes felt a bit odd but they taste good together so I wasn't really bothered. If you're looking for a healthier alternative to chocolate biscuits I'd recommend giving these a go.
These are a great healthy snack for on the go. My children love them too.
Good snacks
I purchased these last week for kids snacks as they were on special. I wasn’t sure about the taste with rice cakes and chocolate on top (or berry flavour was another), but they’re actually quite nice. Kids demolished them and I tried a few as well. They do need to be kept in a container as they go soft quite quickly. There’s also packs you can buy of individual bars which would be great for lunches/taking out etc. Overall these are quite tasty and not bad value for money.
These are so yummy and are a great snack that are on the healthier side. The size is perfect and are quite an addictive snack. Taste best fresh and would recommend eating them within a day or two before they go stale
These are so delicious. I snacked on these every day during my pregnancy. A little bit of a chocolate hit but not so much to make you feel sick. You do have to eat the whole lot within a couple of days though, they tend to go stale quite quickly.
Great snack
Love these rice cake treats they taste. I recommend keeping them in an air tight container as the do go soft quickly after opening the packet or purchase the snack pack option.
Weird combo
I tried it once a while ago and I found it a weird combo. Rice cake for me is a savoury snack or a replacement of bread - having chocolate on top just did not go well with the rice cake.
So good
I absolutely love these! They are so delicious. I can’t stop at a couple though, I end up eating way more than I should but they’re so damn good. I wish they made them in the normal size!
Table of Plenty
My daughter adores these and often begs me to buy them for her. The package size is a bit too small for my liking but that's just being picky. They're a great treat that is on the healthier side so I don't mind buying them now and again for my daughter's lunch box. Mainly when they're on special.
Portion control
I loved these. I am a lover of rice crackers and to add a choc top to it was heaven for me. I like the fact that they are small, so as a healthy option the portion size cures the craving but doesn't push the diet limitations. Made in the Netherlands..I would try to look for an Australia made product before i purchased these
Some will, some won't
Personally, I didn't think much of them. To me, the rice crackers tasted a bit stale and ordinary. However, my teenage daughter LOVED them and asked me to buy them again. I guess, will enjoy them and some won't.
Bite size morsels of deliciousness
These are soooo tasty and moorish. It's very hard to stop eating. The crackers themselves are deliciously crispy and the chocolate just melts in your mouth. I would absolutely recommend these to anyone as they are just delicious.
I recently purchased these for my daughter and she loves them. She is a picky eater so I now have an on the run snack.
It's okay
Me and Hubby decided to go healthier and we like the occassional snack & chill sessions at night while bub sleeps. Found this in the health food section and thought it would be a great alternative to chocolate bisquits etc, they were not bad but not that good either, kind of underwhelming in terms of flavor. Don't think i would purchase this again or recommend it.

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