Table of Plenty Rice Thins Passionfruit Yoghurt

4.5 5 0 16 16 Table of Plenty’s Mini Rice Cakes are inspired by the need for a tasty and healthy snack for big and little kids. Crunchy whole grain rice cakes are paired with creamy layer of Belgian chocolate made with pure cocoa butter - no vegetable oil. They are all natural with no preservatives, colours or flavours and also Gluten Free.
Table of Plenty Rice Thins Passionfruit Yoghurt


Great Snack!
Low calorie and convenient snack for on the go and for the lunch box. Other flavours are available but passionfruit is always my first choice. Great taste and would recommend.
Healthy snack
Pro; - light - taste like yoghurt - slightly sweet - healthy alternative - 2 in a packet. Perfect for a mini snack to satisfy the sweet tooth without feeling guilty. Con - a tad pricey
Pretty good
I've been buying rice crackers from this brand for a while and I did enjoy this flavour although it isn't my favourite it's got a pretty nice taste but it's kind of strange to be on a rice cracker my favourite is chocolate but I would still recommend to anyone who wants to try something new
A pantry staple
This product has now become a pantry staple and a family favourite snack. We discovered these in the health section and being peanut free - my daughter could safely consume. Definitely a very tasty and healthy alternative for a snack.
Sweet treat
I love the idea of this however I found it a bit to sweet for me. Great idea and packaging for a snack on the go
Gluten Free Sweet Treat
These are really nice. I love the crunch and the lightness of the rice cake - and the sweet topping is just enough to cure my sweet tooth. I love that they are only 74 calories for the 2 - and the packet of 2 is a perfect size to take with me in my bag if I'm not going to be home for a meal - to get me through. Reasonable price too... Love these!
The passionfruit yoghurt rice things are unique and not something I have seen before but they tasted nice. Sweet, crispy and a nice afternoon treat that goes well with a cup of tea.
Natural fruity taste
I have previously tried the milk and dark chocolate flavours of these Rice Thins and they are tasty, wholesome snacks without being too sweet. The passion fruit yoghurt flavour is natural and not too sweet or heavy. It adds a tropical flavour to the rice crackers and is great as a treat in between meals.
Subtle yoghurt and passion fruit flavour. Not over powering like you may expect from passion fruit.
Good for a snack
We bought this product at Cheaper Buy Miles and it is good for those that want to lose weight without feeling guilty. It is good for a snack on the go and I would recommend this to people
Great tasty snack
These rice thins are so tasty and light. Great snack option and kids love too. Would recommend
Great Product
So yummy. Easy to take to work or school. Anytime snack.
so yummy
I love these table plenty rice thins they are so tasty nice and light enjoyable to eat comes in a variety of flavours perfect healthy snack option
I can't get enough of these, taste so good. I have them for morning tea at work. If I have them at home the seagulls (kids) are straight over to take them off me because they love them so much too.
Great snack
Guilt free snack which is perfect as a lunch box filler for the family. Delicious taste.

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