4.4 5 0 81 81 Get a taste of Tasmania with Tamar Valley’s delicious No Added Sugar Passionfruit Yoghurt.
Tamar Valley No Added Sugar Passionfruit Yoghurt
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Thick and creamy yoghurt but I didn't enjoy the passionfruit part. It's a weird texture and flavour even when I mixed it into the yoghurt. I prefer other flavours as it left a strange aftertaste in my mouth.
love it
I feel healthy when I have it. My little boy loves it
this is a delicious creamy thick yoghurt, its very tasty and not too sweet. A decent amount of passionfruit through it as well which cuts through the rich yoghurt. Delicious!
Tamar Valley is the best yoghurt and I'm so pleased they are bringing out more with no added sugar and low in fat although I love all their stuff. Excellent taste and creamy texture love it.
This is one of my favourite yoghurts, it is light and creamy. It is a great tasty passion fruit yoghurt and a nice treat.
I love this Yogurt! Its super creamy and super tasty.
what can i say. It tastes funny and the kids wont touch it :(
Enjoyed this product. Yoghurt is creamy and very tasty.
I tried this and found it was delicious. Feel free to eat this for desert at your next dinner party and expect compliments from your guests.
Love this yoghurt! Has a natural flavor not too sweet & the fruit makes it delicious
A friend introduced me to this yoghurt and I love it. It's thick, creamy and very flavoursome. The no added sugar is a bonus and I will definitely continue to buy. A bit more expensive than most other yoghurt but so, so worth it.
What an amazing yoghurt! So creamy and flavoursome, and not too sweet! The passionfruit gives just the right amount of balance and flavour to the Greek Style Yoghurt. I love indulging myself with this yoghurt and not feeling too guilty about it! I have recommended this to all of my friends and family!
Absolutely love all Tamar Valley no sugar yoghurts! Delicious, creamy flavour and the best part...no carbs! First yoghurt that doesn't give me reflux either!
This was my craving when I was pregnant, such a creamy yoghurt with a beautiful amount of fruit.
I should back this as it's a Tassie product, but the texture and taste of the yoghurt isn't quite to my liking. I've only found two yoghurt brands I like.... Queensland Yoghurt Company, with Gippsland Dairy a close second.

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