4.5 5 0 28 28 Enjoy your very own personal kitchen assistant! Featuring four menus, it guides you step by step to quick, easy, perfectly cooked meals.<br><br> <b>Ingredients</b>:<br>To cook a specific ingredient, simply select it on the digital screen, click and Cook4me cooks it for you.<br> <b>Recipes</b>: <br>With pre-programmed savoury and sweet recipes, Cook4me guides you step by step to cook tasty meals for up to 6 people.<br> <b>Manual</b>: <br>Cook your own recipe with its different cooking settings. No need to monitor, it remains safe and keeps food warm once cooked until it's time to eat!
Tefal Cook4Me+ Connect
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Clever cooker!
I’ve found the Tefal Cook4Me+ Connect to be a really clever all-in-one machine with easy to use features. The Tefal app connects my phone with the cooker via Bluetooth, allowing me to upload more recipes to the device and then follow these recipes with my phone. The step-by-step recipes are really simple to follow and I love the addition of my universe where I can save the recipes (that i’ve spent hours looking through)! The first thing I cooked in this machine was Beef stroganoff in 10mins, and I couldn’t believe it had only 3mins pressure cooking time. I added all of the ingredients from the recipe straight to the shopping list which made it even easier! The recipe turned out great, however I added a few notes on the app to tweak it to my liking (Dijon mustard!). The cooker is extremely easy to clean after use and can also be used for manual cooking. I love using this cooker every day, it’s a game changer in this house!
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Highly recommend - tasty and quick meals
Love it. It’s quick and the step by step instructions on the Tefal and the app are so easy to follow. I havent had a pressure cooker before so the biggest challenge for me was understanding how it all works and what prep I need to do to make meals. I have made pesto risotto, greek lamb shank risoni, vietnamese noodle soup and they were really nice. The lamb shanks in particular tasted like they had been cooked all day and it was only 40 minutes. Its great that is all in the one pan too. The timing is slightly off as it has taken a little bit longer but thats a trial and error with each recipe. I think I will get the flavours better when I have experimented more and understand how the pressure cooker works. A friend of mine has a pressure cooker that manually releases but the Tefal does that for u which I now realise is a huge benefit. I have also found that by switching the country settings that the inbuild recipes change which is great. Looking forward to trying more recipes.
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Good pressure cooker but not worth $500
Overall I don’t think I would purchase this product as I do not think it is worth the price tag. Our cooking experience was mixed. We cooked a pork ragu and beef cheeks using the slow cooker, browning and simmer function. The meat cooked perfectly, and in record speed, in the pressure cooker setting but we found that the browning and simmer settings were not hot enough and had to transfer our food into a pot to get the result we wanted. We also attempted 2 recipes from the app but were unable to cook both of these. The first one was the steamed apple puddings. I found the recipe poorly written and when followed perfectly the machine told me that the liquid was too low, I added more liquid but received the same error msg so was unable to cook. I also attempted to cook the gateau but it required you purchase additional Tefal products which I thought was ridiculous. The other features on the app were good but considering I wouldn’t use these recipes it was useless to me
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Cook4Me is cooking for me!
So far I’ve cooked the Chicken Paella and the Beef Massaman Curry, and I’m impressed! All in minimal time, and with minimal effort I’ve been able to produce delicious meals for my family. The app is easy to navigate and so simple to connect to the machine once a recipe is chosen. The step by step function is a god-send as I’m constantly distracted by the children while preparing a meal. It is easy to follow and I love being able to alter each recipe depending on how many people I’m cooking for! The comments from other users is very handy for recipe tips and I love that I can save my own notes with additions or changes I’ve personally made, and they’re saved for the next time I cook the recipe! It is a very well thought out kitchen appliance and the app compliments it perfectly!
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Great, but not so great
It’s great for cooking food, but not so great for preparing.
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Cook for me - needs getting used to
Did I love this machine? No. Did I hate this machine? No. It was really hard to figure out at first, but once I got the hang of it, it was ok. To me the app is completely useless. I couldn't figure out how to get it to send recipes to the appliance, so I just used the machine. Also, one recipe that I wanted to cook, Satay Chicken, wasn't even on the app, so there was no way to send it to my app. The recipes are very limited in my opinon. Also, a major bug bear of mine - on manual you can choose 500g of chicken to cook at a minimum, however when I cooked the Chicken Tikka Masala recipe, that used only 300g of chicken, so it's a bit inconsistent. The first recipe I tried was the chicken and chorizo risotto - was really easy to follow and turned out great. The second one was the satay chicken - a fail The third recipe was chicken tikka masala - that was great. I think I need more practice with it to work it out. 2.5/5. The app is pointless
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Very handy for a busy mum
I had a little trouble pairing it to my phone but fixed the issue fairly quickly. The app is easy to use and I found a nice easy beef bolognaise sauce which turned out really yummy! The steps were easy to follow and easy to tweak to suit my families taste. I loved the option of changing the serving size. The size of the pot is surprisingly quite large which is great for making large quantities when meal prepping. Having a condensation catcher was very clever. Cleaning up was fairly easy with not too many parts to pull apart and reassemble. Overall I found it easy to use and very handy not needing to keep checking my phone for the recipe steps and it was good having the prompts of when it was done preheating or when the next step was due and keeping time on it’s own.
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It blew my mind
Loved it from the moment I got it. It a little big for my kitchen as I have a super small kitchen but I did not care I love it. The app was super easy I spent an hour looking at all the recipe setting up my universe books. I started with an easy one beef tacos they were so yummy and sooooo easy to do. Then I went straight to a hard one the chicken paella ok first 1 not great but hey I will get better with time. I must say for someone who is not a fan of cooking hard recipe this has been a blessing. The family has never had such fancy dinners most nights. Loved the potato bake express and the cauliflower in became sauce. Can not wait to cook a cake or a roast beef
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Cooking just got so much easier!
I was so excited when my Tefal cook4me arrived I couldn’t wait to get started. Downloading the app and connecting via Bluetooth was very quick and simple being able to control it and keep updated on cooking times through my phone was an amazing feature. I went through the recipe book on the app and was so surprise at the variety of recipes in there! I saved a whole lot into my notebook I was so excited to try and cook something. The first thing I decided to make was the chicken and cheese pasta for dinner. I’ve never had dinner be so simple And quick to make It was a strange feeling not having to cook over the stove for an hour all I had to do was put most the ingredients in the bowl cook it then mix the cheese in after dinner was cooked in under half an hour I was so happy. The food was delicious and cooked to perfection even my picky eaters Loved it! I also cooked caramel puddings in it which was so easy and the recipe was absolutely delicious a big hit with the family! So happy!
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Tefal Cook4Me Connect
I cooked the easy potato bake & a soup. I absolutely loved using it, it’s so impressive and easy to use! I love the step by step instructions, and the simplicity of the unit itself. The hardest part of using the unit is trying to decide what to make, there’s soooooooo many great recipes to choose from
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All day flavour in fraction of the time
Loving the simplicity of sitting back with a red and letting the tefal cook for me. Pulled beef in 60mins. Succulent, delicious and no fuss. . All prepped and cooked in the time it takes to finish one episode of Rupauls Drag Race, and only one pot to clean. Winning! We often cook our proteins on the charcoals low and slow, it usually turns into half a day cook. Tefal cook for me is a game changer! We had our beef cooked in 60 mins and tasted just as good as a low and slow cook. My husband and I couldn't believe it. Plus only one bowl as it browned it off first. Were converted!! Same yummy flavour, no effort. I also made a Bolognese in 20 mins and tasted like Nonna had slow cooked it the entire day. Loving the app too. Lots of great recipes and ideas. Love the shopping list function and inspiration but my favourite part would have to be in my fridge. What a great idea!! Lots of inspiration for things I already have in my house and sustainable in saving and not wasting food.
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Tefal Cook4Me Connect = Time Saver
It was so easy to use the Tefal Cook4Me+ Connect. Once I downloaded the Cook4Me by Tefal App, everything was step by step. My fiest recipe was the Easy Potato Bake, which completed all steps in 1 pot, My Cook4Me+ Connect. The recipe was simple to follow, and the potato bake tasted as expected. Yum, And with little cleaning up afterwards, it got my vote. Looking forward to testing more recipes. Love the search button in the app, that helps me bring my options down a touch.
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You may not think you need this, you do!
I’ve used the Beef Stew setting to do a simple steak & Kidney pie filling which was magnificent 👌🏻 Then Followed up using the beef bourguignon setting for a simple beef & vegetable stew which is even better.... these normally take 6 hours to be great, they took under an hour each!! The app is simple to navigate & tells you what’s happening while you relax
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Cook4Me Anytime!
The app is so easy to use and every recipe we have tried have been great. The easy Potato Bake is so damn good!! Chicken Paella was awesome Masaman Beef Tops! Does loose connection to phone a few times though and is hard to get linked again
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Gaz can cook!!!
Best kitchen device ever. The fettuccine carbonara tasted amazing. The app is excellent and easy to use.
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