4.8 5 0 8 8 Thank You's Apple & Apricot Muesli Clusters are great for breakfast or a quick snack. They are full of flavour and real fruit pieces that will leave you wanting more.
Thank You Apple & Apricot Muesli Clusters
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This and all the thankyou cereals are great tasting and the company supports great social initiatives. I love recommending thankyou products.
These Apple & Apricot Clusters are yummy! I just love them!! They are so healthy for you which is great! Love the Apricot in it. I can recommend this to everyone. Thanks Amanda van Vuuren.
Absolutely love this product. The flavour is delicious and I don't like having to share it but the kids insist I have too.
I absolutely love this product, two of my favourite flavours in one. Great in oats and yogurt. Will definitely be buying this again!
Absolutely love this will be buying more. It is very flavorsome and great to eat anytime for a snack with yogurt.
Just tried this yesterday and loved it. Nice apple and apricot flavor with a hint of cinnamon. A great way to start the day.
love what this company is about - ethics and great food. a super product.
Apple & Apricot Muesli Clusters taste divine. I can't wait to buy more.
Love the clusters very healthy snack family really enjoy
I love muesli, always have it for a snack but have not tried this brand.
I support thank you products seeing profit goes to drill water wells etc. and have distant relative who started the company when he was 19 [ I think] So I would like it if you could send me a sample to try please?
it looks interesting and I am looking for a healthy snack to have between meals
Because I am a diabetic and love to eat fruity clusters I would love to try this product I think it will taste very nice Elma
Now this sounds better than the old cornflakes and weetbix and a superfood. Apple and apricot mmm how I love the fruits for breakky. Clusters too sounds full of flavour. This will be a must try when I see it on the shelf.
I like the interesting combination of apples and apricots, I wonder if it will be tangy. I would also like to know about the sugar content.

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