4.7 5 0 83 83 The Natural Confectionery Co. Berry Bliss are berry flavoured jellies with a soft fruity centre... yum! Aussie Made and packed full of deliciousness, with no artificial colours, no artificial flavours, no GMOs and no artificial sweeteners.
The Natural Confectionery Co. Berry Bliss
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so yummy
The Natural Confectionery Co. Berry Bliss are full of flavour I love the soft fruity centre yummy. Aussie made is a winner for me with no artificial colours, no artificial flavours, no GMOs and no artificial sweeteners yet another perfect product from the Natural company
Berry good
I am not into lollies but this one I can have and its my son's favorite as well- better than the other lollies for sure.
Great for a sweet treat!
These lollies seem a bit more luxurious than standard lollies. Perfect for an adult treat but also a fun surprise for little ones.
One of my favourite treats.
As a diabetic, I need to be careful with certain products, so when I find a delicious product such as this, it needs to be a special treat. This is one of my favourite treats.
Flavour explosion
These tasty treats are packed full of flavour, they are so delicious! Nice biting into the soft gooey centre. Always good to find sweets that aren’t full of artificial flavours and colours too!
Oh what fun! Fresh, fragrant & tasty. Moreish, soft & "juicy". Great for decorating kids birthday cupcakes & putting in party bags. Well priced when on sale or from the Reject Store.
Nice chewy bliss
Yummy what more is there to say, its summed up in one word YUM. Tasty lolly without all the added rubbish, flavour has not been lost without the additives.
My Favourite Lollies
So tasty and sweet! Love that once you bite into then the jelly just melts in your mouth, so hard not to want the whole packet!
Can’t have enough
It’s one of those thing that I can eat all day long. It’s so soft, delicious and not so sugary snacks that I crave all day. It helps me to stay focus while working or love snaking them when I am bored.
Great tasting
I buy 3 packets a week of these as my partner absolutely loves them, they are his favourites. He will take a small bite then squeeze all the centre out and continue eating.
So tasty and such a nice change to all of the other lollies on the market at the moment.
These little jelly lollies are absolutely Moorish! A nice soft jelly is just delicious to indulge in and the flavour is really good. If you are not careful you will eat the whole pack on your own!
These lollies are the best
These lollies are amazing especially with their jelly center. They just melt in your mouth!!!!
Love them!
One of my favourite lollies. Soft and chewy with a delicious fruity burst in the middle. It reminds me of the old starburst lollies with a liquid center that are no longer available. Such a great and memorable product!
The best!
I absolutely love the taste! It did not last long. Once you have 1 you just can't stop!! Yummy!

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