Thursday Plantation 100% Pure Lavender Oil

4.9 5 0 96 96 Distilled from Lavandula angustifolia flowering herb tops. Thursday Plantation Lavender Oil supports restful sleep and promotes a calm and peaceful mind.
Thursday Plantation 100% Pure Lavender Oil


Beautiful fragrance
I love the smell of lavender a couple drops into a vaporiser to Linger in the house or a drop in some oil or body lotion ,I have been buying Thursday plantation products for years.
Love it
Love this so much I literally put it all over my house smells amazing and don't have to use lots
Thursday Plantation 100% Pure Lavender Oil
Thursday Plantation 100% Pure Lavender Oil not only smells amazing but I use it at bed time and it helps me fall asleep! I also find it quite calming aswell! I’m a first time mum and it’s been a lifesaver
Sleep inducer
I love this oil, I use this on our pillows to help calm & sleep. Its also great at the end of a long day with a few drops in the bath to help unwind.
Natural relaxer
Great natural product that helps me relax before bed. Because it's high quality, one bottle goes a long way. Australian made too!
Great product, available at lots of retailers, easy to find in stores, stands out on the shelf, good price range (cost effective) and a little goes a long way. I would recommend this product if you’re looking for lavender to use around the home.
Sleep inducer!
If I am having trouble with falling asleep I put a few drops of this lavender oil on a tissue and then under my pillow to help my sleep. A few deep breaths and it is like magic!
Good Staple Oil
I've been trying to find a good quality Lavender Oil and this one does the trick in calming me down especially right now with exam stress at an all time high!
100% Pure Essential Lavendar
Smells divine and is very calming. We rub with almond oil and use as a massage oil and it really helps promot healthy sleep. Not good for around cats so we only pit in diffuser in bedroom. We mix with water and spray on handkerchiefs to keep in underwear drawers to smell fragrant with no nasty chemicals. Get so much out of a bottle being so concentrate.
Great in the bath
Love love love! We put a few drops in the kids bath or in the infuser and it really calms them down when they are over tired and irritable. I occasionally mix with some water and spray on our cushions too.
Perfect for winding down and relaxing
I put just 2 drops of this into my diffuser each night to relax at the end of the day. I notice I sleep better too with it. A little goes a very long way. Also great to put on the pillows to help you fall asleep quicker!
Essential in my cupboard
Great quality and price. A little goes a long way
Smells Great
I use this on my pillow to help me sleep - not overpowering like some - will continue to use it
Very nice
I put few drops into my humidifier and its make my room smell so good and feel relax too. It's very nice product and probably can use for a while.
Great product
So versatile, I always keep a bottle or two for cleaning, laundry, putting on kids bed sheets and the humidifier. Lovely fresh lavender smell.

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