4.7 5 0 119 119 Toblerone Swiss Milk Chocolate with Honey and Almond Nougat has been repackaged. It retails in a recyclable pack containing 6 x 100g units.
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Classic Christmas gift
When these bad boys are on special at Coles/Woolworths, expect to get one or two large blocks as a Christmas gift from someone. Good quality chocolate, large blocks, a great time ahead. My only hesitation is that I have found that the chocolate melts sometimes at room temperature, but storing it in the fridge solves the issue.
What's Not to Love
Toblerone - what more can be said about it. It's got to be one of the best chocolate bars out and I love the design of it. So easy to break off when you know which way to break it.
Toblerone Review.
This is one of my Favourite Products. However, I received a Gift of Mini Toblerones for Christmas which was rather disappointing. Each Individually wrapped package was difficult to Open but the usual Pleasure gained from eating this Product was missing. Whilst I was disappointed in the Mini Version I would Continue to Purchase & Recommend Toblerone in its Original Form. The Form of this Beautiful Product is a much better product all round as it encourages one to share it with Guests & Family. The Tiny Version discourages sharing & is way to messy for my liking.. Thank You Toblerone for stretching out and trying a different format which unfortunately I found quite disappointing..
Can't go wrong with a bar of toblerone. My prwference is the larger gift blocks. Would recommend
Tobleron i loe it
I love chocolate, first time i saw it, it's unique shape, and when i tried it's have a good taste, and i loved...
Nothing like the nougat, chocolate taste of Toblerone! The triangle sizes are easy to break off and share.
A good choice
Always good for something a little different. Creamy and delicious treat. It's always been good and those giant packs are great gifts for family. I hope Toblerone never changes.
A classic
I’ve grown up eating Toblerone. In my opinion it’s really different from most chocolates. The honey coated nougat makes it really special. The chocolate by itself is delicious and the sticky chewy nougat makes it a different experience
A household favourite
Delicious chocolate, a favourite in our family. Use it for an indulgent dip at parties as well, yumm
Delicious chocolate treat!! Had to wrap up the rest to keep from eating the whole bar.
So yum!
So yum. So more-ish. Great naughty snack. Cant just have some, you cant help but eat them all!!
This was supposed to be enjoyed over a couple of days - we ate it in one day because of how yum it was! I just loved it overall
Awesome crunch to it!
Love the fact that it has awesome crunch and the triangle shape makes it eve more attractive.. different from the regular squares and slabs :P
Love this chocolate! It’s full of different textures, creamy, with a slight crunch and a bit of chewiness from the nougat pieces. I love that you can also portion how much you eat by the triangles that are easily snapped off. This chocolate is also delicious when melted down and added to a cheesecake. Will definitely purchase again.
Yummy Toblerone chocolate.
Love the Toblerone chocolate, creamy, smooth and crunchy all at once. Already in sizeable portions to break off. Great chocolate to use in baking as well, Toblerone cheesecake is our favourite

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