3.8 5 0 35 35 Your favourite chocolate now is in summer reincarnation. Toblerone Ice Cream Stick is a honey ice cream coated with milk chocolate and nougat pieces. Such a double satisfaction!
Toblerone Frozen Sticks
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Absolutely delicious
I have purchased them a few times already and love it. It’s very tasty and I have no hesitations in continuously purchasing it
Tastes just like a chocolate bar
Ate one and then another, had to stop myself wanting to eat a third. My two favourite things rolled into one. Not to me.
Triangular Chocolate Goodness
Bought this when it was on special. Loved it from the first bite. Smooth Ice-cream, rich chocolate and nuts. Currently I believe there's only 1 flavour. It would be perfect if they would release more flavours, some without nuts perhaps (for my daughter who is allergic to nuts).
I bought these when they were half price and so glad that I did. They tasted just like a Toblerone and they were just the right size. I don't think I'd pay full price as they were on the expensive side for 4 icecreams but will definitely buy them again when they come on special.
I’m not a huge chocolate fan but thought these were quite nice. Ice cream was nice and creamy and they were a good size.
If you like toblerone do not buy this
This does not taste anything like toblerone, i was so excited to but this with my woolies shopping only to be so disappointed by the product, it has a high standard to live up to with it's name and it fails miserably
when we found out this ice cream existed, having been toblerone chocolate eaters, we thought it would be amazing. Unfortunately, while it is yum, it doesn't make me think of toblerone the flavor...
Chocolate lover
Amazing. Just like toblerone but creamy. The crunchyness was prefect and outer chocolate shell made it. Maybe richer chocolate could make it taste a bit more like the chocolate bar but as far as an ice cream goes it's delicious!
There was no easy way to open this found it difficult, then the odd shape I had to rip open the packet was all a bit messy for my liking, the ice cream was a tad on the rich side but the little crunchy bitS were a reminder of original taste..maybe change shape to be more like the actual chocolate stick as it looks like a Christmas tree..keep shape simple don’t change it .. keep the brick like pole so the bite size bite are like the block of that makes sense
Surprised by the size as they were bigger than expected. Did taste like Toblerone but chocolate wasn't as nice and was too sweet
full flavored,rich ice-cream,addictive,for chocoholics,outer-coating is not over done with the right amount of crunchA bit dear in price,not really for the kiddies,best to purchase when on special.
First excited to buy but left dissapointed
As soon as these hit the shelves I just had to try them as I love Toblerone. However I was left disappointed, to me these did not taste like Toblerone. They are also quite expensive. I wouldn't buy again, I will just stick with the toblerone chocolate bar.
Stick to the chocolate bar
I love the classic chocolate bar. However this was disappointing that it tasted like many other milk chocolate with almond pieces (branded ice creams). The price is very expensive for only 4 in a pack. Not enough to feed a big family - only my husband and I tried them. I ended up buying a different branded product that had more in a pack, more variety, was similar tasting, that was cheaper and the whole family could have. Would not buy this again.
Mind blown, by Toblerone.
I don't normally eat a lot of ice cream, but I love Toblerone. It was awesome to find that it tasted pretty much the same as the chocolate bars.
Not a fan
Love Toblerone but this wasn’t for me. Too much chocolate ice cream, not enough honey crunch.

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