3.7 5 0 29 29 Your favourite chocolate now is in summer reincarnation. Toblerone Ice Cream Stick is a honey ice cream coated with milk chocolate and nougat pieces. Such a double satisfaction!
Toblerone Frozen Sticks
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There was no easy way to open this found it difficult, then the odd shape I had to rip open the packet was all a bit messy for my liking, the ice cream was a tad on the rich side but the little crunchy bitS were a reminder of original taste..maybe change shape to be more like the actual chocolate stick as it looks like a Christmas tree..keep shape simple don’t change it .. keep the brick like pole so the bite size bite are like the block of that makes sense
Surprised by the size as they were bigger than expected. Did taste like Toblerone but chocolate wasn't as nice and was too sweet
full flavored,rich ice-cream,addictive,for chocoholics,outer-coating is not over done with the right amount of crunchA bit dear in price,not really for the kiddies,best to purchase when on special.
First excited to buy but left dissapointed
As soon as these hit the shelves I just had to try them as I love Toblerone. However I was left disappointed, to me these did not taste like Toblerone. They are also quite expensive. I wouldn't buy again, I will just stick with the toblerone chocolate bar.
Stick to the chocolate bar
I love the classic chocolate bar. However this was disappointing that it tasted like many other milk chocolate with almond pieces (branded ice creams). The price is very expensive for only 4 in a pack. Not enough to feed a big family - only my husband and I tried them. I ended up buying a different branded product that had more in a pack, more variety, was similar tasting, that was cheaper and the whole family could have. Would not buy this again.
Mind blown, by Toblerone.
I don't normally eat a lot of ice cream, but I love Toblerone. It was awesome to find that it tasted pretty much the same as the chocolate bars.
Not a fan
Love Toblerone but this wasn’t for me. Too much chocolate ice cream, not enough honey crunch.
New and exciting
Great taste, I'm not normally a toblerone fan because it's hard and chewy but this was great ,not too sweet and toblerone was just right, would buy again
Two favourites in 1
Toblerone is one of my favourite chocolate and when I heard that it is coming in Ice cream form I just couldn't wait to try it. I tried it and could easily taste honey flavour mixed with chocolate. The nougats provides little surprise burst of chewiness which add greatness to the texture of the ice cream. I enjoyed it and would buy it again.
Kids love it
Perfect summer treat for kids... So do their mom and dad.
Not what I thought
I bought 2 box's and when I had the first one, the crunchy coast breaks so easily and the ice-cream itself was abit soft. I expected the product to be abit more hard and small little crunchy bits in the ice-cream. Room to improve.
toblerone icecreams
OMG this my new favourite ice cream these are amazing, the ice cream is nice and creamy and there is just the right amount of nougat and nuts. I give this 10/10
Toblerone minis
Really enjoyed these, they are very rich so the mini size is good as a treat, i would recommend these to my friends. 4 in a pack is fine.
Nice but lacks toblerone taste
When I saw Toblerone ice creams, I couldn't wait to try them. Toblerone is one of my favorite chocolates. Trying the first one, I was expecting the same great taste as the chocolate, but was a little disappointed. Overall it was very satisfying to eat but would have been amazing if the taste was right.
Mini sweet treat
Just like a toblerone chocolate, strong chocolate taste, crunchy bits and sweet. But as it's on the small size, it's more like a mini icecream, which makes it expensive for a box of 4, even on special.

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