3.5 5 0 16 16 Behind every crunch are ingredients you’ll love. Handfuls of organic rice, carefully cultivated using the ancient sustainable farming methods and only the finest salts and spices.
Tribe Organics Rice Crackers
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Simple Crispy Crackers
While these are simple and crispy with no palm oil and no GMO products, I was disappointed to see they are made in Thailand. That aside these little packs are great for lunch boxes with cheese or a dip. The packaging is great, keeps the crackers crispy and fresh, and I find them to be a good value individually packaged school snack.
Light, crispy and natural
Tribe Organics use no palm oil and no GMO products which personally is already a deal maker. They are crispy even when left in an open packet. Light in texture they serve as a great accompaniment for dips and don't leave residue on your fingers or lips.
Healthy and Great for kids
My kid has allergies so this was perfect for him. I've also tried it and like the freshness and crunch compared to another brand we buy. However it is bland for adults who prefer some flavour.
Plain Jane
Actual biscuits are crispy but the flavour is lacking. The taste is very plain.
Snack Pack Success
My husband and I both enjoyed this product as we found that the biscuits gently melted in your mouth as opposed to some crackers which can cut the inside of your mouth sometimes.
Nice alternative
I liked the taste, not full off flavour but still a nice side to a dip or cheese. The original flavour were by far my favourite.
Great subtle flavour
I like these. Not as salty as other brands, although they are a little thicker then the other brands i still enjoyed them. The cheese and onion are a little pungent and shouldn't be eating in enclosed spaces. But they make a great lunchbox snack for the kids.
Very disappointed, not much flavour and the texture was weird. Not a pleasant product to eat.
It’s OK
They were ok, not as good as other brands I have tried.
Little bland
Tried these cause they caught my eye in the store when I seen their organic and that they were made from jasmine rice my favorite but I was disappointed with the flavour very bland but their ok if used with a dip
Took some time
I ordered these online and it took me a while to love them but now I’m on board. They’re not a heavy cracker- nice and light enough to enjoy the cheese that’s going on top. I love the mini bags as the serving sizes aren’t too small like some other brands!
Nice, but a bit bland
I love rice crackers and was looking forward to trying these; they're a little bland but ok for a change. Crispy, light and a healthy alternative.
Not my favourite
I found these to be a bit tasteless. Not as enjoyable as other brands. Had to add a strong flavoured dip to make them more tasty. My kid's were not keen on the taste either.
Goes well with a dip
Rice crackers are usually flavourless - that guy is not an exception. However, it serves as an excellent base for your cheese and other dips.
Not amazing
Bought these thinking they'd be a great little snack, however they were quite bland.

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