4.4 5 0 49 49 This sugar-free blueberry, blackcurrant and apple cold water infusion is perfect for helping you stay hydrated throughout the day – the natural way! A great alternative to fruit juices, fruit squash or fizzy drinks. Twinings Cold Infuse is made from all natural ingredients and gives your still (or sparkling) water the subtly sweet flavour of blueberries, blackcurrants and fresh apples.
Twinings Infuse Blueberry Apple & Blackcurrant
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tried for a change
I'm not a lover of any fruit flavoured tea whether it be hot or cold and this one is no exception, it's not a fave on it's own but I can tolerate it with a little sugar, which kind of defeats the purpose of a sugar free drink, but it's probably better for me than a fizzy drink even if I do add my little bit of stevia sugar, I wouldn't say it's awful it's just not to my liking, I never use sugar in any of my tea or coffee but with this one it's kind of lost without it, but you can drink it either way, with sugar or not, it doesn't take long to steep either, so within about 30 minutes it's ready to go.
Pleasant tasting
I tried these infusion water flavours in a sample pack of assorted different blends. They are good for something different especially if you struggle at drinking enough fluids throughout the day. I found that they werent strong so i added 2 to my drink bottle at a time for a more intense taste.
Not bad!
My mother bought me these to try and I must say I was impressed. The flavour was subtle and not overly fake-tasting and since I have bought another pack.
For someone that doesn't like drinking water, my husband bought this for me to try.They were in tea bag shapes.The flavours were really subtle and i literally started having water as the flavours were amazing
nice change
I've bought this product a couple of times - particularly during the summer months. My daughters really enjoy them, as they're not big fans of 'plain water'. I don't mind the taste but am equally happy with just a glass of water. They're definitely worth buying if you can find them on special- but I find them a bit expensive to drink everyday.
Infusion worth trying
This product makes drinking water interesting and a whole lot tastier. I love this flavour and find that it infuses the water really well, giving it a delicious taste. Good value for money when on special, and a good alternative to tea.
Keeping water interesting
This is one of my Infuse favourite flavours. Drinking plain water during the all the time can be a bit boring and these are a great way to keep water interesting. Definitely give this flavour a go.
Great flavour
The twinings blueberry, apple and blackcurrant flavoured infuser is my favourite, the flavour is delicious! Definitely recommend for anyone trying to keep up their water intake. I used it for a bottle everyday while I was pregnant as it was hard otherwise to keep hydrated. Keep in mind the flavour whilst not too strong in taste, does linger in the bottle so be sure to wash well and rinse immediately after use.
Love it
Makes drinking water a little more exciting. The taste is subtle but good. I usually get two uses out of one bag.
Taste is everything
I really like the taste of this cold infusion, very refreshing specially in summer. It is sugar free and a best alternative for any juice, it is very easy and quick to make just need a cold water bottle and take it with you.
good in aiding hydration
really like this flavor, not all of them are good, tastes better in carbonated fridge cold water with ice. I only buy it when it on sale as i think the price is a bit expensive for only 12 bags.
As someone who doesn’t really drink a lot of water I was looking for some serious inspiration. I can honestly say these are amazing. Pop them in your water bottle and leave for a few minutes and it gives both colour and flavour. Very nice indeed. Very easy to use - I took loads to put in my office to make sure I drink my water daily
I quite enjoyed this flavour. I like that the flavour isn’t to over powering but also not to weak that you can’t taste it.
Enjoyed but other flavours are bettet
I enjoyed this flavour but not as much as I like the other flavours available. I enjoy these more when I put them in sparkling water instead of still water.
Very thirst quenching and refreshing I found !!! Not that strong or sweet but perfect to rehydrate the body with a pleasant subtle flavour 😍 🤗😉🤘

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