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Twisties Margherita Pizza
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Not bad
My daughter and I spotted these and thought they'd be worth a try. We both love the original Cheese Twistie but not so much the Chicken Twistie. The Margherita Pizza was ok but I wouldn't rave about it. I doubt whether I'd buy them again.
Not a fan
I bought this product with the hopes that it would take the flavour that I love of the cheese Twisties and offer an additional option to buy on occasion. Unfortunately, this is not the case. I found the Margherita flavour virtually none existent and had no appeal.
Tomato flavour not that great
Has the usual great crunchy twisties texture however really wasn't that keen on the flavour, tasted bit too fake.
Best Twisties ever
Shame these are limited edition, so far there is only two flavours of twisties I’ll eat these and the zig zag cheddar..
Flavour had me twisted
I love the original and chicken flavoured Twisties. My wife had picked these up on the way home. We both agreed that it missed the mark in terms of the likeability. Would opt for the original and chicken flavoured options in the near future.
Not many people will like these twisties but i love them. They are different and edible
They are just ok
These are dry and have a wierd flavour. Don’t taste like Margarita pizza at all. Wouldn’t purchase again
Not so margherita
On seeing the packaging was quite excited to give these a go, but was rather disappointed. I thought the chips did not pack a punch with heaps of flavor and didn't really resemble margherita taste. It wasn't bad but wasn't great either so I'm not sold on these.
Very good in the flavour of the chips. It about time they brought a new flavour out
Not the taste I was expecting unfortunately but nonetheless something different.
A fake powder smell
I am sorry not the best twist on twisties. The fake smell when you open the bag of powder cheese and tomato they also don't taste like a combination of the two done well. Smell a little like hmm. Sorry twisties, please do this again.
Surprisingly good
Have tried all the limited edition flavour chips etc that have come out lately, and these are probably one of the best flavours to come out.
Loved the flavour of these twisties. I found them tangy but sweet, it was a little odd and wouldnt have said pizza, but definitely bought more when on sale. I loved having something different in Twisites.
New flavour isn’t for me
I found these to be quite strong on flavour but they weren’t to my liking. Think I will stick to the chicken.
Love it
I bought it the other day and loved it, nice taste but very addictive

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