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Twisties Margherita Pizza
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A fun twist on an old favourite
I bought this on a whim as a fun new flavour to try and really enjoyed it. I'm usually a fan of chicken twistes and often stay away from the cheesier flavours ones. This flavour had the cheese taste but with the added pizza flavouring which made it a really great snack and was enjoyed by all (kids and adults)
Interesting taste
Very tomatoey taste - different but interesting! can't beat the original taste of cheese or chicken though
Interesting addition.
I found these had a very strong flavour. I swear I could taste a hint of basil along with the tomato, which wasn’t overpowering. I’d definitely buy this again. A fun addition to the Twisties family.
Purchased Not your normal Twisties. Not very many large pieces as in Cheese or Chicken flavoured Twisties. Huge taste is of herbed tomato if you like that taste otherwise give it a miss.
Real flavour i can taste
Some chips miss the mark when it comes to the flavour on the packet versus what I taste but the Margherita Pizza Twisties are awesome. The zing of the tomatoes & basil is right there on my tongue
Something Different
I actually like this flavour. Sometimes when brands try something new they get it totally wrong but this is quiet tasty.
Ok But Chicken all the way
These are a great limited edition to the standard flavours of cheese and chicken but I am a chicken fan all the way. Not something i would make as my normal go to.
This is a limited edition product and it probably should replace the chicken Twisties. I don't think many people enjoy the chicken ones and this one was delicious.
Not my type of margherita
I was very curious to try this new flavour. First try did not like the taste but when you try a few more, they taste ok but not a flavour I would buy again.
These won’t disappoint. They’re crunchy and truely do taste like the pizza flavour. A perfect flavour match for twisties. Give it a try for yourself! I enjoyed it and would buy again
nice taste
I have always loved twisties especially the cheese flavour and this one is nice too
Nice change
It was a nice change to chicken and cheese flavours
I have always loved Twisties - Cheese flavour , not chicken. So when I saw these at the supermarket they sounded delicious and I wasn’t wrong. There is only one problem - I don’t want to share !
Margherita Pizza flavoured Twisties
I love trying new chip flavours, while the description and flavour is nice, it is not as good as the original cheese flavour. if you are a real Margherita Pizza lover, you may love these. They are a nice change though.
OK snack
these Marghurita pizza Twisities were on special today so I grab a packet to try. They have a strong unusual flavor and a bit dry not a fan but they were just ok I would prefer the original cheese Twisties

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