4.4 5 0 57 57 Uncle Toby’s Ancient Grains are the perfect way to start your day! Made with 4 nutritious grains, Australian Oats, Rye, Quinoa and Puffed Millet.
Uncle Tobys Ancient Grains
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It tasted very good, was filling and nutritious. Needs to come in satchets
My mum - a super picky, health nut absolutely loves this! Super convenient and incredibly tasty! The only downside is that they're a little on the pricey end. Regardless, good luck going back to normal oats once you've had the ancient grains!
Love this, so much better than plain old oats ... the variety of grains gives a lovely balance of textures and flavours ... a staple in my cupboard along with golden syrup to top it off!
One of the better oat products around. Its lovely cooked up and then served with berries and yogurt. I often just soak it overnight in milk with some dried fruits and a few sunflower seeds - bircher muesli! And so tasty.
A bit different to traditional oats, quite smooth but filling.
A very satisfying breakfast oat, tasty not bland like some other oats, seems to keep me going longer than other oats I have eaten without feeling hungry.
Great as a change from normal oats. A little expensive for every day eating for the family though.
Awesome and easy product which I love to eat for a healthy breakfast.
Its oats, its healthy but best of it - it tastes amazing. even the kids are eating.
Got this product for my husband, he loves it, very tasty and not like most instant porridge which is too fine and just mushy. Now my son also eats it and loves it.
Great flavour and of course it is healthy for you! I make it with water and add a drizzle of honey. Then serve with a dollop of yoghurt, strawberries, prunes and crushed walnuts. Keeps me satisfied all morning.
I have been having these oats for breakfast now for just over a week. Totally delicious and very healthy and wholesome. A lovely warming breakfast option with health benefits.
So yummy and easy to prep. A little bit more than I would pay normally for breaky though
A healthy twist to an old favourite. Tasted great. Love it!
I absolutely loved the ancient grains, the texture wasn't your usual oats and that was so lovely to have. I cooked a batch up to save me some time in the morning I was so happy for breakfast for the next couple of days. I highly recommend that you try the ancient grains.

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