Uncle Tobys Nat Oat Sachets Almond Honey

4.2 5 0 27 27 Uncle Tobys Nat Oat Sachets Almond Honey is a mix of natural and delicious almonds and honey for sweetness, with whole grain oats. Enjoy!
Uncle Tobys Nat Oat Sachets Almond Honey


Easy to go
A quick fix for brekky if you are in a hurry to get out the door for the kids.
Good for Breakfast
I have eaten these uncle tobys nats almond and honey oats for breakfast and they taste ok. Easy to make and fills you up till lunch. Not that sweet and oats taste nice
Great for Toddlers Breakfast
Our three year old loves this breakfast! It’s quick and easy to make and he can help make it in the morning. Keep in mind for those who aren’t sure about but allergies, there is almond pieces all through it. Would recommend!
Great brekky
Love to use this for a quick brekkie. Fabulous instructions and simple to just rip the pouch open and pour milk in! Perfect each time
Original is better!
Coming in at second best, this product is not as good as the original quick oats. Still quick and convenient- flavor could be adjusted. Would recommend if original quick oats weren’t available.
Greatest breakfast!
When on the go it’s easy to make. If I forget to pack milk then it’s sweet enough with hot water. The honey is noticeable but not over powering.
So easy to make and very tasty
Love how you can fill that milk or water in the same bag as the oats come in. I add water with oats then when they are ready I add alittle milk. Very tasty and sweet enough without having to add sugar or honey.
Easy yummy breakfast
I like this product. It is a good portion size, easy to prepare, and very tasty while being low in sugar
Ok But Price Point Isn't the best
These appeal to kids as the jazzy front but TBH the homebrand are just as nice, have more saucers in the pack and are cheaper :) Maybe if 50% off would get again, but they are nothing special
Good start to the day
It is a good breakfast meal every day. It's highly recommended.
Easy and tasty
I love the oat sachets, they are so easy to prepare for the kids on a cold morning. Almond and honey taste great. We have always like honey, and it matches so well with the almond flavour.
Expected more taste
After trying chocolate and strawbery NAT out sachets I expected almond and honey to be a blast. Unfortunately, the taste is quite blank. I could sense almonds, plus see them mixed with oats but no honey taste. Their great if you add some honey and fruits though.Huge plus for how easy and quick they are to prepare.
Uncle Tobys Nat Oat Sachets Almond Honey
My children love Uncle Tobys Nat Oat Sachets Almond Honey. The perfect breakfast on a cold winters morning. Knowing that my children aren't having a sugar loaded breakfast is fantastic.
Requires a lot of additional flavour
I found I had to add a lot to these to make it have any taste. I found it to be quite bland. Possible flavour or dried fruits.
Loved it
It is a super easy to make. My kids were able to do it themselves. Love that it works with any kind of milk, so I can use my almond milk and the kids with their full cream. We added a scoop of yogurt and fruit aswell and was a perfect sized B’fast. The flavor was nice and not too sweet which I do find with some of the other brands. I do really like that it is made with all, or at least more natural products but agree it is more expensive than some of the other brands.

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