Uncle Tobys Nat Oat Sachets Almond Honey

4.3 5 0 16 16 Uncle Tobys Nat Oat Sachets Almond Honey is a mix of natural and delicious almonds and honey for sweetness, with whole grain oats. Enjoy!
Uncle Tobys Nat Oat Sachets Almond Honey


Expected more taste
After trying chocolate and strawbery NAT out sachets I expected almond and honey to be a blast. Unfortunately, the taste is quite blank. I could sense almonds, plus see them mixed with oats but no honey taste. Their great if you add some honey and fruits though.Huge plus for how easy and quick they are to prepare.
Uncle Tobys Nat Oat Sachets Almond Honey
My children love Uncle Tobys Nat Oat Sachets Almond Honey. The perfect breakfast on a cold winters morning. Knowing that my children aren't having a sugar loaded breakfast is fantastic.
Requires a lot of additional flavour
I found I had to add a lot to these to make it have any taste. I found it to be quite bland. Possible flavour or dried fruits.
Loved it
It is a super easy to make. My kids were able to do it themselves. Love that it works with any kind of milk, so I can use my almond milk and the kids with their full cream. We added a scoop of yogurt and fruit aswell and was a perfect sized B’fast. The flavor was nice and not too sweet which I do find with some of the other brands. I do really like that it is made with all, or at least more natural products but agree it is more expensive than some of the other brands.
Tasted yummy but overpriced
Great flavour and good size too. I like how they use natural ingredients. However, when compared yo other porridge it can be overpriced unless it is on special
Delicious and convenient
These are great to eat in the morning when I don't have much time to make myself breakfast. They've got a great flavour and it keeps me full.
Great as a Snack
Tryied this as a snack and its amazing. Great when dipped in Oat milk as well.
A quick brekkie
It is easy to make . just add some milk and few minutes in microwave will give you a delicious brekkie. Kids will love it. I usually add dry fruits and nut.
Kids favourite
Last week I bought this products, Such a great breakfast option especially during the winter time. It's very easy to cooking and specially in busy time schedule in morning. Would be happy for my kids to eat this over other cereals in the morning. My kids loved it.
Too unhealthy
They tasted great, but didn’t taste like almonds at all. They were super easy to make but I rather normal oats and add my own honey into it. Overall great as a treat meal but wouldn’t have it every day!
Great nutritious brekkie
The kids love this a a tasty, quick and nutritious brekkie!
Love it
These oats sachets are do easy to make and tastes really good.
Quick breakfast
I don't eat these very often, but They're easy to make, just add water or milk and microwave for 90 seconds. Breakfast that is both simple and warm and comforting. I find them to be quite small, and I really need two. I also think they're a little too sweet, and I'd rather buy plain quick oats and then add fruit or honey to taste, so I'm not eating too much sugar.
Taste great
I bought these for my nieces and they loved the flavour. I also had a small taste test (!) and agreed. I wish there bigger packets though, instead of individual satchets but a must buy nevertheless
Very Tasty
I love this new Uncle Tobys Nat Oat Sachets Almond Honey so quick and easy to prepare and very tasty well balanced Almond and honey flavour I will definitely recommend this product and will purchase again

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