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Uncle Tobys O&G Bircher Muesli
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Have tried this as I love bircher muesli on cruise ships. This is nice, like the coconut. Can't quite master the taste, not sure if to use juice or milk.
Beautiful and creamy. I make it with homemade nut mylk (raw cashew, walnut, sesame seed, dates, water). After first time found it a bit too sweet. Then did not add any dates in my nut mylk , it was better. Very tasty
Good quality muesli with apple, pecan and coconut. Great with banana or berries on top. I just soak overnight and add Greek yoghurt and fruit in the morning for a filling breakfast
I enjoyed this with yogurt and a little honey. It was delicious.
I have this everyday!! It tastes delicious and is so easy. I just soak with milk overnight, and in the morning I add a dollop of Greek yoghurt and cut four prunes up and add them in. I never ate breakfast at all till I discovered this treasure
Tastes great & is healthy. I soak it overnight so its all ready to go in the morning. I am always in a rush in the mornings so it's handy that I can have it ready the day before. I just soak in milk. I want to start to make Kefir so I will use that instead for an even healthier start to my day!
I found it quite nice if you get a good yoghurt and honey to put with it.
This is amazing with yogurt in the morning, tastes great and will buy again.
One word.. Yumm!!! A great way to start the day, its super tasty I just wish there was more.
This bircher muesli is not sugary compared to the other ones on the market. Soak over night in Keffir and then I add some stewed apples in the morning.
Love Bircher muesli, I mix mine with yoghurt. Fills me up & tastes good.
This is really yummy for breakfast and healthy too.
I enjoyed this product I added milk to soak overnight,I would be interested in how it was soaked in apple juice. Quite expensive although I enjoyed it not quite to what it cost.I added almonds to it & some yoghurt which did add to it texturally.
I love this product. I add greek yoghurt with fruit in the morning after it has soaked in the milk overnight. Delicious
Good quality muesli with apple, pecan and coconut. Great with banana on top. A good way to start your day !

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