3.7 5 0 6 6 After cleaning up in the Summer Games by winning eight gold medals spread over three Olympics, Usain Bolt is ready to tackle the next chapter in his life: the hot sauce industry. Bolt has released three different flavours: Jamaican spice, mango and three chilli, and pineapple and Jamaican spice. The recipes are said to be inspired from members of the Bolt family.
Usain's Insane Jamaican Spice Hot Sauce
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Mango and chili is the best
My favorite sauce from this range is mango and chili. The pineapple was ok, but mango is perfect for salads with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and feta. Unfortunately wasn’t able to find them for a while
Not good
Not a fan at all, the only one that is okay is the original flavour, but even then it's not GREAT. The mango and pineapple flavours are not good at all, way too sweet for my liking.
Pleasantly surprised
was pleasantly surprised by this, made a rally nice meat marinade
Not too spicy
I was surprised by this sauce, I thought it would burn my mouth off, but it's actually really tasty and has just the right amount of kick.
It’s really nice :) not as hot as I like but taste good
Not too hot, but perfectly spicey
Nice hot sauce, you can really taste the spices and it's not too overwhelmingly hot. It works well on burgers and wraps.
I have been looking for the perfect sauce for chips (surprisingly hard!), will give this a go~
Mmm have not tried these but they look very interesting. Would be nice in a stir fry. Might have to give it a go not sure where to get it from never seen it.

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