4.4 5 0 47 47 A new energy fix flavour. This limited edition flavour has a punchy fruit flavour with a twist!
V Kaboom
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Not my favourite v product but i did enjoy it. It was a nice flavour.
Sweet but not to sweet
Great product with nice taste, and no strong tones of taurine.
Devastated when I couldn't find it again
LOVE this flavour. So disappointed when everywhere I went stopped stocking it. Packed a punch without being over-the-top sweet. Please bring it back, I don't drink V often but I loved this one.
It is very sweet, but really does the trick with waking me up if I am having a down day.
surprisingly different and reminded me of the sour rockstar with a bit of NOS flavour very happy v is trying other flavours
It has a fruity flavor that I prefer and like, unlike other energy drinks they all taste the same!
Oh my goodness! This is my new favourite, and go to energy drink. Fruity with a punch.
V Kaboom was really tasty and it certainly gave me a 'pick me up'. The flavour really packed a punch, but it didnt leave a gammy feeling on my tounge like alot of oher energy drinks have.
WOW, this is the tastiest energy drink i have ever tasted! to me it tastes like coke bottle lollies. Gives you the hit youre after with a great taste!
This product definitely gives ya some wings. Not everyone would like it, it's an acquired taste. But I personally quite like it and ya definitely get a kaboom.
I have tried this and it was ok prefer blue V but dont mind this at all
I love them, better than coffee in the morning sometimes. Yes it has a tang, but a nice tang. Not as sickly sweet as some others.
Has a nice taste but I prefer the Black Edition if not the normal green
I like the taste of this V edition, that i became addicted to the taste.
I LOVE THIS! I am a fan of energy drinks but the original V I do not like. This one tastes like something sweet from my childhood. It is very sweet and couldn't have more than one a day.

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