3 5 0 133 133 Deliciously light, made with real fruit and less than 100 calories per pot! How can you go wrong with Vaalia`s latest yogurt creation?
Vaalia Whipped Probiotic Yogurt Raspberry
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The taste is nice but it's the whipped texture that is unsettling. It's too light and doesn't not satisfy. It needs to be thicker.
Really enjoyed it. It was a little crazy as it was a yoghurt but light and fluffy.
This is a very light dessert with lots of flavour, I find I eat it very quickly because its so light, has lots of flavour and the lemon one is slightly tangy for citrus lovers.
Way too bland with a bit too much of a tart background taste for me. I tried this a few weeks ago and I will not be buying it again. I was so excited about the whipped texture since my all time favorite yogurt is whipped and I was hoping for the same excitement when eating this.
These are really nice. They are light and fluffy with great flavour. The lemon ones are even better.
I thought I'd try these out because they were new. But they're waaaay too tangy and I couldn't eat them. They are whipped, which is nice, and different but I don't really like the tart tangy taste, would suit someone who likes that.
Not the yoghurt experience I was expecting. Whipped is a strange texture. The flavour doesn't seem like raspberry, it had a tarty/tangy flavour like a sherbet burst (but not in a good way). My daughter would usually eat anything but unfortunately she did not want to touch them...they sat in the fridge until the use by date and went in the bin
Sadly, I wasnt a fan. I enjoy mousse and Raspberries and kind of expected this to be like a raspberry mousse however it just didnt appeal to me when I tried it.
Very light, just when you feel like something sweet but not heavy or creamy. Almost sherbert like.
didn't really appeal to my taste, I found the raspberry flavor to tart
This product is delicious !!! The raspberry's caught my eye on the box... YUM.
I had this today lovely flavor. The yoghurt was very light and fluffy. Felt satisfied after eating it especially as I was craving something sweet.
It is quite light and takes a little getting used to but very refreshing.
I love yoghurt of any flavour , but this one is very nice
Very light and tasty. A great option for summer dessert. Add some fresh fruit to make it a healthy alternative to ice-cream.

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