2 5 0 1 1 Sometimes, all it takes is a good idea to make life that little bit easier. Did you know, the most common mistake in using a wax strip is removing it from the corner? EasyGrip Wax Strips have a handy tab that makes it easier than ever to achieve the best technique. There is also extra room on the tab to allow for a better grip!
Veet EasyGrip Ready-to-Use Wax Strips
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dont bother
The product is quite messy and not very effective. the wax strips dont take a lot of hair of the body. even when left for a long times.
I haven`t tried this as yet, but have a pack ready to go
I have yet to use these wax strips, however, am definitely interested as it sounds so easy and mess free! And with 4 girls in the houseI`m happy to try anything!
Want to try. I tired from using cold and warm wax. Give a chance
Still looking for the perfect waxing technique, so I`d really appreciate a sample before purchasing it!
There great for bikini and underarms but hopeless for the legs, I like having these.in my cupboard just incase I need a quick on the go wax
I love waxing but I don`t find these work at all. They don`t stick how they should and it ends up being waste of money. Much prefer the veet tub which works every time and has been my choice for years. have recently also discovered simplicity of the electrical roll on which also works much better than these.
Very easy to use, no mess no heat no fuss!
I think these Veet wax strips are incredible.They really work! Thanks Veet.
have tried these and was not very happy as the wax was not sticky and I ended up throwing them out in disgust
I love how these wax strips are ready to use! Goodbye to melting your own wax in the salon and hello to convenient and easy wax strips! Its really easy to use plus less messy!
I am a big fan of all the veet products but I must say that these ones are super easy to use, not messy and smell great too!

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