3.7 5 0 11 11 For salon finish results and smoothness, try Veet Spawax Starter Kit. Suitable for underarms, legs, and bikini lines, this stripless wax provides up to 28 days of smoothness. Veet Spawax Kit contains Purple Lily & Sugar Fig scented wax discs that enhance the spa experience.
Veet Spa Wax Starter Kit
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Excellent product for at home use
Excellent product, easy to use and great if you want to wax at home. You can use any wax melts with the heater and it heats up really quickly so it won't waste your time. Wax warms up to a good temperature so it's not too hot on your skin and provides great results
perfect size
love the convenience and size of the tub, stows away perfectly in the bathroom cupboard. Wax is high quality and doesn't pull at your skin while achieving maximum hair removal. It is a little messy until you get the hang of it
When I first tried this product I was full of hope and happiness but when I last used it I was full of despair and dread. It's messy, painful and doesn't heat up properly. I had such a hard time using this product that I would rather pay $80 to get a professional to do it or just spend 2 hours shaving my legs (yes it takes that long) instead. I don't recommend this product to anyone with little patience!
Love this wax pot, its not too big and the wax is smooth and nice on your skin.
This product is awesome. Warms up quickly, smells lovely, goes on easily and comes off even easier. I use it to do my eyebrows mainly. Bought mine in the UK. Where can I buy the refill wax in SA?
Works well but very messy and wax seems a little too thin. Very convenient though.
I have always done my own waxing, and I loved the idea that this was like a home spa waxing kit. The wax warmed up nicely, it smelt lovely, it was easy to spread on my leg, but when it dried it become so hard and I was unable to remove it without damaging my skin. I therefore did not buy it again.
I was given one for Christmas and I just love it and would recommend it. Easy to use and so happy they have bought it out as I miss heating up wax to use.
Bought one of these at the pharmacy the other day. The wax melts easily (although it does take a little time - about 15 minutes or so) so plan your time. Once wax is melted its very easy to use - it did take me a few goes to get it thick enough to pull off successfully - I kept doing it too thin - but once I figured that out was very easy. Smells divine too!!
Was very excited to see this new product. Set up is easy. The wax melts smell great and the instructions are straight forward and easy to understand. Overall i found this great, the strips were easy to take off and left no residue. Only downside was it was a tad messy and the wand included could be difficult to get the wax at the bottom of the jar. Overall it was grat and a great home use equal of salon waxing.
Finally a nice smelling wax that is easy to use and strip less available at everyday retail stores. Worked well. I did find the hairs had to be a bit longer than salon wax but for convenience it worked well.
I think that this product will be good according to the comments. I would like to try this product because it will be a good thing to try something new and to be able to do it myself instead of paying a lot of money.
tired of razors would definatly love to try this product
We all as women need to sample this product where we can do at home waxes. It should make you smooth cause you are removing unwanted hair. Please send me this kit to sample.
Love beauty products have to be honest I haven't tried this one maybe one day I'll be game

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