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Vegie Delights Classic Hot Dogs
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Good taste and texture
If you’re looking for a meat alternative these are good, and quite versatile (can use them for hotdogs, sausage pasta, sausage and mash) but probably wouldn’t appeal to an actual Meat eater. As a vegetarian I enjoyed them and would purchase again.
Taste good oven baked for non vegetarians as well
Stove top was not working so we backed the viggie hotdogs and we enjoyed the flavour with the usual tomato sauce, dips and salads.
Not a substitute
This product is nice. However don’t try to pretend that it tastes like a real hot dog. I am not a vegetarian but I eat several vegetarian foods and meals. It does not taste like a hot dog. It has its own interesting taste. Meat eaters may not like this product.
Recommended to veg lovers only
Thumbs up for being so quick and easy to prepare. Perfect to have on hand when you want to whip up a quick and easy meal. I eat meat but I also really enjoy the taste of vegetarian meals, so the taste appealed to me but meat lovers probably won’t be so impressed. There are veg products on the market that actually do taste quite like meat but I don’t think this is one of them. Bit expensive as well.
Myself and family enjoyed the taste as is pretty close to the taste of meat. Have purchased multiple times and so much better for you
The best substitute!
I have been vegetarian for 3 years and these are by far the best vegetarian HotDogs. This brand also do really good sausages. I can not fault anything about them, they are perfect if you have recently become vegetarian/vegan or just looking for a healthier alternative.
OK, but Just OK
You know how it is with vego replacement items. You kind of have to go along to a certain degree with the fiction that these things are a one-to-one replacement for the real thing. The Vegie Delights Classic Hot Dog simply is not a genuine substitute for the real thing. This is not to say that they taste horrible - they don't. There is a general "hot dog" flavour to them that at least gets us into the ballpark, but a hot dog is more than approximating the flavour. A good hot dog has a light, springy texture and there is a palpable "pop" when biting through the skin. These franks are very dense and do not carry the usual physical characteristics of real frankfurters. I mean, it's close enough in the same sense that "hot dog" flavoured Twisties kind of reminded you of the Easter Show, but you will always know that you are compromising when using them.
Great for vegetarians who crave a hotdog
On a lazy evening when you can't be stuffed cooking and you want to smash a hot dog, these are great for vego's like me. Cook them, bang them in a bun with some onion, and down the hatch they go - delicous.
Not bad, bit rubbery
Cooks quickly and has a mild taste but the texture is a little rubbery and plastic like.
Taste is ok however not the best maybe depends on individual taste.
Not the best
This brand do a variety of plant based alternatives however I found the sausages to be a little bland. It could be user specific as I miss meat due to the flavours and textures so I do look for things similar - these certainly weren’t for me. They would likely be good for a meat-free sausage casserole where other strong flavours would be present.
Better than the real thing
I love meat, I’m definitely not any sort of vegetarian or vegan although I had years of vegetarianism in my teens. As a meat eater I’m not ashamed to declare these as BETTER than the real thing. Kids love them too and they’re fortified with iron B12 and zinc.
Great meat alternative
I really like these veggie hot dogs! I don't eat meat, so I can't say whether it really tastes like it, but they definitely taste good. They're a great choice when you're with other people who are eating meat because it's an easy switch!
A Filler
Fairly bland tasting product. Requires a lot of sauce to redeem it but good nutritional value at the very least. If a chili one was available that would supplement some of the lack of flavour
Great for vegos
I was vegetarian a year back and these were honestly one of the best meat tasting products. No they’re not like the real thing but they’re as close as they can be with being meat free! It helped me stay on track with having a meat free diet and with similar products from this brand.

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