4.1 5 0 7 7 Macaroni and cheese sauce combine to create one of those classic dishes that’s popular for good reason – it’s full of flavour, hearty and soul warming. This version of cheesy mac offers the same qualities as the original, only it’s vegan, gluten free and has nothing artificial added. Food that’s full of kindness that you can make in minutes.
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Easy Cheesy Mac
Well & Good have done it again. Delicious, quick & easy to prepare. Very flavorsome. Doesn't look like much in the pack but doubles in size when cooked, so don't be deceived. Reasonably priced for Gluten Free and worth every mouthful.
This was probably the best Mac and "cheese" I have ever tried. I got it in the smokey bacon flavour and it was amazing how much it smelled like bacon and the cheese tasted very similar as well! I recommend using half off the sauce because it's more than enough and you can save the rest for later. It's so tasty and I will definitely purchase again!
Well and good Mac and cheese Smokey bacon
It was a good product, something quick and easy. Being time poor at times makes it easy to grab and put together.
Worth a try
I thought the product easy to cook & the texture good. My kids didn't like it & we all found the flavour too salty. I would buy it again (i want to try mushroom flavour) but wouldn't add all the flavour at once.
It was okay
I tried this with my daughter and we both didn’t mind it but found it was a bit strong tasting. It needed less power on it and then it was okay. The noodles were nice but not sure I would buy it again
at first i was worried that it was vegan and it would be claggy and not tasteful...oh boy i was wrong!! this is absolutely Delicious. only thing is, i ate the whole thing instead of splitting it with the family
Cheesy enough...
If you’re keen on the vegan product, go for it - if you’re looking for “Mac and cheese” quality... you can always sprinkle a little extra cheese on top to add some extra deliciousness!

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