5 5 0 8 8 Not only do they taste great but they look fantastic, try our Devilish Red Velvet cupcakes. Only at Woolworths.
White Wings Devilish Red Velvet Cupcakes
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This mixture made beautiful, moist red velvet cupcakes and the icing way yummy as well! Have repurchased since
A hit
My son loves baking and this is one of his favourites. Great taste, moist and good consistency.
Amazing cakes
These white wing cupcakes are so quick and easy to make and they taste so good! I got the kids to help me make them, they had fun but I think that they enjoyed eating them more!
good to take to a party
I was going to a kid's party and I was low on cash but I still wanted to take something nice with me so I wouldn't turn up empty-handed. Bought this product, whipped it up and took it with me... was an instant hit with everyone!
I have tried these they are delicious and very tasty. The topping is rich and creamy.
a delicious red velvet cupcake, well worth making
Babysat my niece a few weeks ago and thought it would be good to have a baking evening with her. Something that was easy and that she could get involved in. Bought a packet of these, they were easy to make and they tasted fantastic. The frosting was creamy and delicious. Sometimes I am a little hesitant with packet cake mixes, however, these were winners!
I make these when the grandkids come around and they don`t last long (adults too). The cake has a very different flavour and the cream cheese topping is rich and creamy. Love it

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