4.5 5 0 40 40 Whittaker's has been brewing up something special with Bundaberg, their favourite family from next door. Introducing their new Brewed Ginger Caramel block! They took their wonderfully velvety caramel, added Bundaberg's unique ginger brew and encased it in super smooth, 5 Roll Refined Creamy Milk chocolate. We reckon it’s the best trans-Tasman get-together ever. Certainly the most delicious!
Whittaker's Bundaberg Ginger Caramel Chocolate Block
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Best chocolate of all time
Wow, Whittakers never fail to make the best chocolate but they've absolutely hit it out of the park with their collab with Bundaberg! We loved the ginger flavor and smoothness of the caramel in this gorgeous creation and it goes brilliantly with a cuppa. Full marks.
Opulence Incorporated
Quite delicious & an interesting flavour choice. Whittakers is Quality +++, there's no denying that & when they branch out into a new flavour, it's often heaven in a heartbeat & yes indeed they have done it again. Excelled themselves. Creamy, succulent, exquisite authentic flavour. Truly decadence in a mere morsel of WOW! Worth trying Whittakers Jelly Top as well. Equally as scrumptious,, refined & heavenly. You wont be disappointed. Thank you.
just love whittakers chocolate. The ginger is very subtle mixes well with the caramel and chocolate.
To die for!
This is my new absolute fave chocolate, can't get enough, and I'm quickly getting several co-workers hooked too! Whittaker's signature smooth chocolate filled with gloriously smooth, NOT sickly sweet but unbelievably perfect caramel has been teamed with this ex-Queenslander's fave ginger to create a taste made in heaven. A creamy smooth caramel with just a bit of heat and sing. Love, love love it! And so do all my friends 😁
So Satisfying
You can really taste the quality in Whittaker's chocolate. So smooth and creamy with just enough of the zingy ginger to give you a different experience than other chocolate bars.
Smooth and creamy
This product was delicious. I bought this myself and it was smooth and cream. The caramel had just enough ginger taste. Would 100% buy again
so yummy
Thought I would try this Whittaker's Bundaberg Ginger Caramel Chocolate Block after reading positive reviews. Loved it the smooth chocolate with taste of caramel/ginger perfect combination not to strong in flavor just right
I could not taste any Ginger at all, loved the oozy Caramel and smooth silky chocolate though, as a ginger lover I felt a bit let down!
Yuuuuuuuuuum. Just YUM!!!!
I bought a block of this over the weekend having spotted it on here and it has to be my new favourite thing! I was a little worried it would be a little overpowering as I find most ginger flavoured confectionery generally is but I absolutely loved this. LOVED IT! For me, this was just the right mix of caramel and ginger and so spot on I fear my personal trainer might do a double take when I hand my food diary in at the end of the week haha Try this. It’s delicious. And you only live once!
Not strong enough
I do love the taste of ginger but I found this chocolate more caramel than ginger. Still delicious though.
A combination miracle!
As a long term Bundaberg Ginger Beer lover I was very keen to try this product and I wasn't disappointed. I'm new to Whittakers chocolate which is delicious and certainly equals Lindt. The combination of the chocolate and ginger is amazing!
Ginger is the best
Wow! What a taste! This is likely one of the best ginger flavour chocolates I have tasted and it fits perfectly into the Whittaker’s range.
Tasty drink
Combining Bundaberg Ginger and Whittakers Caramel is a match made in heaven. Complete dessert in 1 drink. We really enjoyed it. Perfect for the end of week drink. Total recommend it!
Its too strong for a person who hates ginger. I otherwise loved it
A Taste of Ginger Heaven
OMG this tastes like heaven, that tangy ginger with the dark chocolate what combination.

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