4.5 5 0 45 45 Whittaker's has been brewing up something special with Bundaberg, their favourite family from next door. Introducing their new Brewed Ginger Caramel block! They took their wonderfully velvety caramel, added Bundaberg's unique ginger brew and encased it in super smooth, 5 Roll Refined Creamy Milk chocolate. We reckon it’s the best trans-Tasman get-together ever. Certainly the most delicious!
Whittaker's Bundaberg Ginger Caramel Chocolate Block
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Ginger is the best
Wow! What a taste! This is likely one of the best ginger flavour chocolates I have tasted and it fits perfectly into the Whittaker’s range.
Tasty drink
Combining Bundaberg Ginger and Whittakers Caramel is a match made in heaven. Complete dessert in 1 drink. We really enjoyed it. Perfect for the end of week drink. Total recommend it!
Its too strong for a person who hates ginger. I otherwise loved it
A Taste of Ginger Heaven
OMG this tastes like heaven, that tangy ginger with the dark chocolate what combination.
Nice ginger flavour mixed with caramel and milk chocolate, good after being in the freezer
Weird yet tasty
Great quality as always. Very unique flavour that’s grows on you the more you have.
Should have been made sooner
Bought this for my father on fathers day. he love both bundaburg ginger beer and Whittakers chocolate. he loved it so much since it was balanced and highlighted both brand so well, he got me to hunt down 5 more. glad it is back in stores. it sold out in one day.
If you like ginger you will like this. It’s not too gingery.
Very nice
I was surprised on how good this tasted. It was a hint of smooth and creamy ginger. I would buy it again
A slight ginger taste which is ok as I’m not a ginger fan but this chocolate is yummy and Morrish
Very nice
I was surprised on how good this tasted. It was a hint of smooth and creamy ginger. I would buy it again
Perfect sweet treat
Just the right amount of ginger in this treat. Would buy again for my family.
Bundy good
Hard to find but if you love a gingery smooth milk chocolate then this is for you. I love Whittaker’s smooth chocolate,nice flavour add the gingery flavour of bundy and caramel and it just melds together. A few of my friends don’t like the ginger taste but each to their own. Worth a try if you can find it .I found it at Coles for $6
😋 yum
Brought this for my husband and teens. I tried one block. Very nice. My husband particularly likes the size of each block piece just the right size to ease a sugar craving.you get this slight heat in the back of your throat from the ginger. Great Xmas gift
Pleasantly surprised
The hint of ginger is just the right amount to not be overpowering. That combined with the chocolate and caramel is absolutely delicious. I am not a big lover of ginger beer as I found the ginger too overpowering, but the balance in this chocolate is just right.

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