4.3 5 0 12 12 Smooth custard with a prominent vanilla flavour, topped with a layer of brûlée caramel.
Wicked Sister Vanilla Crème Brûlée
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Very nice but without the crunch of the brûlée. I bought it on special. It was very popular in our house.
Creamy but needs that crunch
I’ve purchased this product on multiple occasions, but it’s no substitute for a proper creme brûlée as it’s missing the brûlée. The custard itself is creamy with just the right amount of sweetness. The brûlée however is little crystals that you sprinkle on top and meant to leave it for approx a minute to set. (No torch needed) however on all occasions that I’ve tried it, it never actually sets and stays as crystals, so it’s like eating sugar and doesn’t really add that satisfying crunch. I would still buy this again for the delicious custard, but I wouldn’t call it a creme brûlée and wouldn’t recommend it for someone wanting a creme brûlée.
Just tried it
I shared one with Mum recently - it was a positive surprise and it will be definitely on my list of sweets I usually get when I feel like treating myself with something nice. The price is affordable and the product worth its price.
Sweet tooth
I think this product is a little small but very tasty. I wanted more of it. I liked that there was a second one for me to eat straight away, the price is ok. Yes I would recommend it.
Creamy and smooth
Tried this last week and was very impressed with the flavour and consistency of this Wicked Sister Creme Brulee. It was smooth and creamy and I will definitely go back for more. You wont be disappointed if you give it a try.
Crime brûlée
This is the best pre made crepe brûlée , love the taste and the texture
perfect desert
I tried this new product and was very impressed with how tasty it was it had the perfect balance of sweetness custard was so smooth great to have after dinner or serve to guests
Very handy instant dessert
I've been buying these for a while now and I think they taste great. They are also useful if you haven't anything sweet in the house for dessert. The vanilla sauce is delicious.
Yummy taste but no brulee crunch
This is a really yummy treat but it doesn't have that awesome bruise crunch on top, which is half the appeal of brulee
Dessert heaven
Love Wicked Sister products. This is not their best but still really yummy and fills that spot when you need something sweet to finish the meal.
Nice, but never a real Brulee
Close, but no cigar. You really can't package a hard toffee topping.
A little French indulgence with ease
Wicked Sister desserts seem to product really good products, and this one will not disappoint. The custard is delicious, but what I really loved was the self crystallising sachet which is brilliant. A very quick dessert for whenever you feel like a bit of indulgence. Also available in Matcha Green Tea flavour. Gluten free and Aussie owned!

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