Windex Electronics Wipes

4.7 5 0 23 23 Windex electronics cleaning wipes provide a streak-free shine with no residue. A safe and easy way to clean your electronic devices. Safe for use on LCD screens, plasma screens, mobile phones, touchscreens, keyboards, remotes, electronics, glass and metal.
Windex Electronics Wipes


We purchased these to try and minimise marks and scratches, etc on our new TV and though they would be good to use on our laptops, computer screen, etc. They did work really well, however I would not purchase these again, I honestly just don't think they are worth it considering how expensive they are for just a few one time wipes. Will be switching back to re-usables which is more eco and cost effective.
Does what it says
I use this mainly for my laptop screen and my wife's iMac. It's really good and does not leave any streak marks at all.
So so
It’s a little expensive considering I keep this in the car to wipe down the screen and will use it for the tv but realistically a microfibre cloth with some spray is the same
doesn't work
Not overly happy with this product. It has left a white film on window which is made worse once the sun hits it.
I have tried many different types of this product but hadn't found a good quality one that really works until now Windex electronics cleaning wipes leaves no marks streaks or smudges I am extremely happy with this product thanks to Windex
Good for offices
I work as an admin officer and I order these in bulk for my office, they are perfect for communal computer screens and personal laptops. They have a pleasant clean smell and don’t streak.
These are great for cleaning all the electronics in the house. I like to use it for wiping the TV, my phone as well as my laptop
FINALLY something that leaves your TV screen STREAK FREE This is SUPER
Electrical wipes
I have tried many of these types of wipes and windex electronic wipes excell and definitely stand out above any other brand they clean streak free and easy to use 100% would recommend them to anyone
This is my favourite screen cleaner. I use it on all our electronics not just the tellies or computers. Wonderful to use especially after little visits from the grandkids that love to touch all the telly screens. No smears are left when using these wipes.. Always have a packet in our cupboard..
on the hunt
have been hunting for a screen cleaner , came across this and was over the moon , I am happy i have a clean tv screen , and there are no visable smears for me that is a big plus Keeping technology clean can be a pain so anything that makes it user friendly is very important
Begone you grotty keyboards and mice.
My husband bought these a few months back and we swear by them. They remove all the sticky, grotty gunk from any tech stuff where fingers venture. Keyboards, mice, mouse mats (not the furry ones!), monitors, TV remotes and mobile phone screens. Just keep them sealed up in their resealable packet and they will last for ages. Will I buy again? Absolutely!
Easy Clean
Since having kids I love using wet ones for many home cleaning jobs. This product is even better than the average wet wipe and cleans all your electronics with one wipe over, without leaving any residue behind.
Windex Electronics Wipes
We wouldn't use anything else my hubby says these are the best thing invented they clean our screens on the IPADS and PHONES and TVS and COMPUTER SCREENS they are a bit dearer then other ones but you only get what you pay for so these are well recommended ….
Fingerprints all gone
These wipes are amazing. A little pricey but definitely do the job of removing fingerprints and other smears from your electronics. Despite the price, one wipe does go a long way and I can clean a few different items with the one wipe.

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