4.4 5 0 89 89 This breakthrough gum innovation from Extra provides big flavour in a new, soft chew. Enjoy a soft, juicy centre in a hard, speckled crunchy shell.
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Sugar free
Great tasting sugar free chewing gum which helps to relive my sugar cravings and keep my mind busy instead of eating in between meals.
Taste good and keeps my mouth smelling nice. It is something good to keep in your bag, especially after you have a meal outside and you cannot go brush your teeth. Definitely recommend to others.
Omg best chewy ever
These chewies are like little pillows of gum that just melt in you mouth and have a great taste. I buy these weekly and sometimes have to buy more then 1 at a time due to the kids raiding my bag
Great taste
Happy with taste and texture of this him but wouldn't say it did anything to whiteness of teeth. Did leave them feeling fresh though
Take your breath away
Love it!!! It’s different and now even better. The only thing is the price but otherwise...I keep purchasing it every 3-4 days
Great Size Gum
Great tasting gum in a nice compact container. Only problem is small container and large gum pieces means there aren’t many serves in the pack...
No Faults Here!
Does as gum should do; minty-fresh breath in a cute package!
Great go-to gum!
Convenient container compared to others from this brand, such a great texture for a gum & nice fresh minty flavour. My new favourite go-to breath freshener, would definitely recommend!
Great gum
This gum was very flavourful, which lasted a long time. It’s great at freshening your mouth. I liked the package size, a good number of pieces in at container!
New Wrigleys
It was strange at the beginning as its texture is different to what I'm used to but since trying the old product I actually like this better. I like the convenient bottle packaging as it sits perfectly in my car for when I need on the run. It's soft sugar free and I love it.
Love this
I love this gum it’s my go to. I never have to question about having fresh breath. The strength is perfect not to strong and not weak.
Life changing
This is my all time favourite gum because when you bite it down, it is cruncky but the gum is soft but not too soft. It is all about the right texture and this gum is perfect. The flavouring last for a while and it is soo good. I also love that the packaging is hard so my gum does not get squish in my bag.
Great gum
This gum was great. The pack is super convenient as it clicks away and is easy to find in your bag and doesn’t spill everywhere. I don’t know about the whitening aspect of it I didn’t notice a difference
Chewing gum
Strong and reasonably priced and can be found or purchased in many places with a good packaging so it doesn’t melt
long lasting freshness, love it. i keep a bottle in my bag and it doesnt take up much room at all. very handy for those times when you need a little something to perk yourself up

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