4.4 5 0 67 67 This breakthrough gum innovation from Extra provides big flavour in a new, soft chew. Enjoy a soft, juicy centre in a hard, speckled crunchy shell.
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Give it a miss
Packaging is handy, but taste and quality are not the same as the regular gum. Too soft and the flavour disappeared quickly
Too soft
I found this gum too soft and it gave that old feeling and texture. Wouldn’t buy again.
Extremly satisfied
Juicy,flavorsome, long lasting taste. And the best part is they are soft
Funny texture
I didn't like these they were to soft and the texture was really weird in my mouth. I will return to the standard one
Chewing gum review
it’s is a good size and much easier to store than the cardboard packet gum. I like the size but it could be a littler crunchier.
I didn't like them at all I thought they would be like the gum but the only thing they have in common is the name
I tried this product and had found that its not just refreshing but because it is sugar free it helps by not sticking to my denture so yes i will be chewing this brand always
yummy gummy
Have been on stupid diet and always was feeling hungry so I started to chew this not only ggod for my teeth also great for hunger pains and keeeping my tummy from growling..also helped friends cut down smoking great product
Bonus teeth whitening
As good as if not better than existing product which I have very high opinion with the added bonus of whitening! Can't go past it, use it daily for flavour and fresh breath.
Super soft
I really like this gum. The amount is perfect. The flavour tastes great. It is super smooth which Is my favourite thing and the container is is great. I would recommend it to everyone.
Good any day gum
The texture was as you would expect from the brand, with a very strong minty flavour which is slightly too much for me. I wouldn’t say this was my favourite gum as the strength felt painful on my tongue.
Refreshing and chewy
I like this gum, it's refreshing and extra chewy, quite good to blow bubbles with. My husband didn't like it though, I'm not sure why
Love using less
I love that I only need one piece instead of the usual two with ordinary gum. The flavour is strong and lasts well.
I decided to buy this as it was on sale instead of my normal extra. It takes a little getting used to as the gum is fatter (however you only need one piece, I used to have 2 of the other gum at once) The flavour is strong. All in all the gum is good but I prefer the original one.
Refreshing Product
Has a great taste and lasts for a reasonable amount of time, compared to other products. Doesn't leave any weird after tastes like others do.

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