4.7 5 0 33 33 Cows milk fetta marinated in garlic, fresh thyme, bay leaves, peppercorns & olive oil. Creamy, salty tang with a lush, buttery finish.
Yarra Valley Persian Fetta
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Beautiful feta
This feta is just beautiful. It’s smooth and creamy and has the correct amount of salt in it. It’s super versatile. You can use the cheese in cooking, salads or entertaining. Then you can use the delicious herby oil as a salad dressing.
Food for thought
I tried this fetta cheese purely by mistake. I was wonderfully surprised at the product as I was until recently an avid fetta in brine buyer. The cheese was already cubed, it was easy to serve, the taste was just as good as the brine based cheese and there was no messy chipping boards to clean as the whole cheese went into the salad which also helped the taste of the salad dressing. Great idea guys
Beautiful Creamy Feta
I love buying Feta in oil as it lasts much longer than the packets without oil. This brand and this product is delicious! Smooth and creamy Feta, lovely to add to salads on sprinkled on toast with Avocado and chilli flakes.
Amazing, versatile & creamy
Amazing fetta, so versatile. Decadent & creamy From toast to salads, cheese boards, pasta pizza the list is endless. Reuse the oil as a salad dressing over roasts & vegetables. Great in frittata, scrambled eggs. I could go on
Smooth, creamy cheese
This is a rich, smooth and creamy feta that’s versatile as is great in salads, pastas, pizzas and just spread on toast. It has a salty, creamy taste with a hint of herbs that I love when I want a decadent treat.
Super soft
The best feta cheese I've ever tried. It's also super soft and buttery and is spreadable. I love it with avocado on sour dough toast.
Tasty Feta
Yarra Valley Cheese have put together a delicious feta. It’s soft & easy to spread on crackers or bread. I also use this through risotto & salads and putting with Avocado. Only thing I would like to see is less oil more cheese. Only down side to this product.
Creamy Pop of Flavour
Quite delicious! It's soft enough that you can spread it on some crispbread and add a bit of smoked salmon and your're good to go! I think there could be bit more fetta put in the tub though, quite a lot of oil.
Amazing Fetta
The best supermarket fetta you will find. Ideal in salads or as a spread.
Super Creamy
Love Yarra Valley Persian Fetta, it's super creamy and decadent. It goes really well on some lovely sourdough or ciabatta toast and in salads I find. The marinade is perfect and not too overpowering but provides a good amount of flavour.
Love this
I had been taking a salad to work and as this fetta was so soft I was able to scatter it rather than have large chunks over the top of my salad. The oil made a lovely dressing as I neared the end of the pot. It really is delicious and a little hard to not eat straight from the pot.
I love this.. it’s soft but firm, creamy and and has so many uses. Leftover oil is great for roasting potatoes
This product is to die for, I love my feta but this brand is absolutely amazing. So so tasty.
This is absolutely delicious. On toast, on salads, on crisp bread. It’s just so yummy
Love feta and this is just so beautiful and creamy. 🤤

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