4.3 5 0 17 17 Generous amounts of roasted eggplant blended with zesty lemon juice, herbs and spices, and our own creamy whole egg mayonnaise makes for an outstanding combination of flavours and texture.
Yumi's Mediterranean Eggplant Dip
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Love all Yumi's dips and the Baked Mediterranean Eggplant is no different. It's got a lovely umami quality to it and is creamy and delicious. Goes really well on crackers with cheese or even on some crusty bread.
Nice on Toast!
It's really tasty. A nice base for on toast with grilled cheese or on flat bread. Love that it's gluten free!
This yumi eggplant dip was delicious. It has a good consistency and is Super light and easy to spread while still maintaining a bit of texture within the dip. I highly recommend it
Not bad
The taste not bad, we had with biscuit as a dipping. I can taste the eggplant but not really in the taste that makes you want to eat some more. I would prefer real eggplant for the freshness taste.
Not sure why this has a egg mayo base as eggplant is already quite a 'dippy' consistency. Mayo gave it a weird slimey texture, not a fan.
Tasty dip
This dip is very tasty and a great accompaniment to crackers and chips. It has a good eggplant flavour and the texture makes it easy to spread on crackers but also dip your chips in.
Yumi's is the best
Love this dip, it always makes it onto my platters. Perfect with any cracker and even spread on toast. Will always go for the Yumi's dips!
Delicious on its own or on sandwiches
This dip was divine! I tried it on its own as a dip with some cheese and crackers - I also used it as a spread on toasted sandwiches instead of butter and it was absolutely delicious! I highly recommend this to anyone - the flavours are gorgeously subtle with a beautiful Smokey edge to it all
Healthy snack
Flavours were really good and had really nice texture. Its was lovely with tomato and cucumber as a healthy snack
Great calorie conscious choice
Considering the nutrional value this is a really great choice of dip. I love the taste and use either as dip or on the side as a sauce.
A little over powering
I am usually a big fan of the Yumi’s dips but this is not a favourite. It’s fine when served alongside other dips (such a trio) but on its own is a little overpowering with the Smokey taste.
Great tasting dip for use with crackers or veggie sticks. I also used it on rice cakes. A nice alternative to hummus.
Yummis eggplant dip is a fantastic go to dip and brand. It is creamy and taste amazing with all different options you can use to dip such as carrot, crackers or other vegetables
Beautiful flavour
Yumis Eggplant Dip is a delicious product. The flavours are beautifully balanced with a nice level of smokiness and lemony flavours. It’s beautiful as an alternative to butter in sandwiches as well as a stand alone dip.
Beautiful Flavours
I was very impressed with this delicious eggplant dip, loved the flavours and the creaminess of the product. I ate it with rice crackers but would also be ideal with crudités or even a dollop on a Hamburger. Great it is made in Australia from at least 96% Australian Ingredients. Highly recommend you try it.

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