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These bottles are perfect for making quick pancakes. It is so simple.
My family loves this stuff! Before we were able to purchase the Shake `n Pour here in Manitoba, we used to drive to the states and load up!
You have to work a little to get the mixture out of the corners but very tasty and easy to pour.
this is awesome!! my boyfriend loves it, really quick and easy. just throw some water in and they are ready to cook.
I have tried the Bisquick Shake `n Pour Pancake Mix and it makes a quick and easy breakfast when your in a hurry.
I haven't tried Bisquick Shake and Pour Pancake yet I would like to try it and write a review about it
Pancakes with water?? I like to make mine from scratch milk, eggs, whole wheat flour.
I`d rather use Aunt Jemima pancake mix that you just add water to. It make`s more and lasts for a lot longer then three days!
This is quite the good idea! I mean making pancakes from scratch way too many dishes just from prep.? Not worth it. Very practical for busy people. I don`t really eat pancakes too often but maybe I would more with this product.
This looks really practical, I`d love to try it. However, the fact that the batter lasts for only 3 days isn`t very appealing to me. I wonder if it can be frozen?
I would love to try this. I love that its so simple! Would be great for a quick breakfast!
I have not tried it but if it is just as good as the boxed variety I just might for the more convenient package.
I would love to try this!It looks so easy...I hate having to mix up and measure the ingredients.I also hate the boxes they come in there so messy.
I liked these, easy, tastes good, quick. Rather hard to find, haven`t seen it around in awhile. Usually buy this on sale.
Prefer making pancakes from scratch. Takes me 2 minutes and I can make my own pour and shakes

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