4.4 5 0 273 273 The #1 Milk Family Bar in Canada and the #1 Cookie in Canada coming together!
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Soo good
I love this product! I love the flavor and the sweetness! Would get one everyday if I was rich
Dairy Milk with Oreo - Out of this world!
Absolutely addicted! Can't get enough of this chocolate bar. Wasn't what I was expecting, but delicious. The mixture of the cookie crumble base, followed by a cream layer (different from Oreo chocolate bars) and covered by a fairly thick layer of chocolate. The only way this could be better is if they make one with dark chocolate.
I was underwhelmed
It wasn’t at all what I expected, though not horrible I went in with a dipped cookies and cream thought and was left disappointed
Just didnt taste right
I love dairy milk bars, and I love oreos. So you would think together they would be amazing. I was disappointed. The taste left much to be desired.
Nice Taste
I enjoyed it. Good ratio of filling to chocolate. Can be a little too sweet if you eat too many pieces at once.
Very good bar tastes like the Oreo cookies but better!
So good!
Loved this Oreo chocolate bar. My daughter gave me one and it was so tasty! Will definately buy these
To all Oreo Lovers
I bought this chocolate bar for my daughter. She loves Oreo cookies. Needless to say she loved this chocolate bar.
Liking the Crunch!
This is your normal yummy Cadbury chocolate, with an added bonus! The creamy and crunchy white centre. It doesn't exactly taste like an Oreo, but the taste is definitely there. I will buy this again!
Oreo Dairy Milk bar
I loved the taste of Oreo dairy milk bar it was delicious. I nice size too not to big. The creamy chocolate coading over the crunchy oreo cookie centre makes a a great combination.
Great chocolate bar form someone who loves cookies and cream but also that extra coating of milk chocolate. So tasty and perfect just the way it is. I would definitely recommend.
I love oreo! Combining my favorite Chocolate and cookies in 1 product is out of this world! I simply love this chocolate! One of the best I have tasted. The only concern I have is it melts faster than the regular dairy milk.
A very different flavor but creamy and sweet with a crunch
Oreo in a bar!
What could be better than having your favorite cookie, the Oreo, covered in chocolate...the ultimate bar!
A new cookies and cream!
Love all things Oreo! But this bar is Cadbury's version. How says there's too much chocolate - NO ONE! Enjoy!!

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