4.2 5 0 163 163 Key lime flavour. 20% of your daily fibre per serving. 5 Bars.
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Loved this bar! It is very good and when I finish I always want to eat more! I love how it is healthier than other brand and that they taste great too. My only issue would be the cost but other than that I love it.
I thought these were very good for a sweet fix. Squares were big and satisfying. I was the only one in my family to like them the others preferred brownie.
OMG!!! So good!! If you are craving something sweet i would grab one of these cheesecake bars, they really feel like you're having a treat while still be a healthier option than most cheesecakes
I really enjoyed these. So much so I went out and bought 2 more boxes. Which didn't last long.
Tasted too much like dessert rather than a supposedly healthful fibre bar. Doesn't stop me from buying it again! Original flavor from all of those bars out there.
I like these fiber one bars because you get your amount of fiber without the gross taste of fiber, you get to taste the yummy flavor of key lime cheesecake.
I bought these and the chocolate cheesecake bars. They were delicious even my 6 year old loved them. Will definitely purchase again
Yummy, don't get me wrong but so high in sugar. I wouldn't eat these for fiber, I'd only eat them for dessert. You can get fiber other ways.
bought for my daughter, and its amazing, she thinks she is getting a tasty treat while its helping her with her fiber intake! though on the pricier side for 5 whole bars, its super worth it!!
these are the best take nd go snacks ever!!! so conviene!! on the way to my sports games i pop 2 of these i my bag and im on my way!
I have tried these and love them .Very fresh and light tasting .Reminds me of being in the Tropics.
I bought these on markdown for $.50 a box and they were delicious. The lime flavor went very well with the cheesecake. Makes a good snack.
I liked these lemon flavored snacks, high in fiber and almost equal in sugar. I don't like the price of them thou, or I would buy them more often.
They were ok. Would not buy again. Found they tasted like cardboard.
I didn't care for these fibre 1 bars. It seemed like empty calories to me. I wouldn't try them again.

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