4.6 5 0 101 101 Dissolves makeup, even waterproof mascara, cleanses skin, eyes and lips without rubbing or rinsing.
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This stuff is amazing, it is so gentle, doesn't burn your eyes like so many makeup removers do and does it fast and doesn't leave a residue.
Game Changer
This Micellar water helps me remove my stubborn make up with no effort. It is gentle on my skin and no irritation to my sensitive skin. It feels very hydrating with no oily sticky residue.
Good stuff
This product is awsome. It never fails to do exactly what its suppose to. Wipes away all that makeup from a long day.
This is so far my favorite make up remover product. I have sensitive skin as well as combination skin and if left my skin feeling soft and not oily or dried out. And it took off even my waterproof make up with ease. The bigger bottle is a good bargain for your buck since it lasts a while!
best eye make-up remover
Best eye make-up remover I have ever used!!!! Even takes off waterproof makeup with no scrubbing or dryness.
Pretty good.
I really like this Micellar Water. It leaves my skin feeling clean without making it feel tight and doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky or greasy afterwards like other brands of micellar waters have. It also takes the makeup off very easily, I've been told this is the best one for makeup removal from the Garnier micellar waters . The only downside to this particular brand (I'm comparison to others I've tried) is that you have to shake it before using, but it's not a huge downside.
Great product
Love this product! Takes makeup off with little hassle which is great when you are tired in the night.
Really great product! Definitely worth the money. It removes light makeup really well, and good for sensitive skin. I use it twice a day.
Best Makeup Remover
This micellar water is so gentle yet very effective at removing makeup. My skin feels refreshed after using it. I do find that it leaves my skin with a minor oily residue, which some may find annoying. Overall, I think this product is 100% worth it's value.
A great product for taking off eye makeup
This is an easy product to take off eye makeup without losing your eye lashes. I use it on my face and it works perfect for cleaning but it works so well on taking off my eye makeup. Great product!
I love the new Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water! It removes makeup easily and quickly! I use a cotton ball and with a few swipes, it takes off any makeup I had on! No need to rinse it off either! My skin felt moisturized after using! There was no irritation or redness!
Absolutely amazing! I use this product as a toner. Honestly, I struggle with acne, but this helped me to reduce them and leave my skin feeling fresh and clean.
My sister bought this product and let me tell you this is like one of the must have make up remover ever. It is gentle to my skin and leaves me vere refresh when I use it. It just frustrates me that if I put too much on a cotton pad and I wipe it on my eyes, it goes to my eyes. I need to control but the product is the bomb.
The ONLY product where it cleanses my skin and doesn't make me break out or irritate it! Love this product!
I use this when I'm too tired to go wash my face. It does take a lot of cleaning to get a full face of makeup off but it doesn't make my skin breakout. I've had problems with acne in the past and this is great for calming my skin down as well.

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