4.2 5 0 51 51 2 in 1 hair and body wash. Refreshing scent with conditioners.
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Ivory 2in1
Great for travelling since there is one less bottle to carry. However, this did not condition my thick hair very well. I had trouble combing my hair in the shower.
like to try free sample ivory hair and body 2 i n 1
This product is genius. It lathers well, smells incredible, and leaves both my hair and skin feeling fresh and clean.
I've always been an ivory soap user. I thought it was weird to have a product for adults that was both for body and hair but it works well anyway and smells good too. Still the same gentle wash now not only for the body but also for your hair.
My husband and 3 sons have tried this and really like it.One bottle for everything which they love.Ivory has been around for years, and is such a good product. Would recommend!
I loved this product for the convenience of travelling with only one bottle in my bag. The scent is light and it left my hair and body silky smooth. I always love Ivory products and this one came through.
I do like this hair and body 2 in 1 by Ivory, the scent is not too overpowering and it is mild on the skin!
Its grest to take to gym just have to take one product rather than 2. Smells great
I have used this many times, love the smell and very mild. Love that is for both hair and body. I take it with me for over night trips.
I like it for use in my hair. not as a body wash it doesnt feel like you are clean after use. Makes your hair feel soft and dont have to use a conditioner.
I love this product, it is light and in every way, scent and streghth of cleaning, it is light enough to use every day on both hair and body
I have short hair and this really does work as a 2 in 1. I like the scent, but most of all I like how it rinses off so cleanly.
Nice fragrance, quick rinsing and Ivory's mild on my sensitive skin. A bottle lasts months.
I like it, but I need more conditioners than what is provided. Great idea for travelling.
t was given to me to try from a family friend ...she knows how much I love Ivory products...when I noticed it was a 2 in 1 I was excited.; but hesitated because i have baby fine hair and was Leary of using it on my hair because weighing down but was pleasantly happy to see my hair was easy managing no fly away and not weight down...highly recommend it everyone

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