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My son is on a super strict diet, and on top of that extremely picky. This is one of his favourites and I’m ok with that, because it’s s great way to get some good fat and protein in him. His dietition actually suggest this peanut butter to us because it is low in sugar and very good for him. I have even made flour less cookies with it with just an egg and sugar and peanut butter. Three ingredient cookies :) long story short, this peanut butter has come In handy.
My son brought this home and I like to try new products so gave this a try. Sorry to say, I did not like it. I don't like th stoo cruncy granola and peanut butter combo. Not good in a sandwich.
The banana flavour was slightly artificial. But the granola crunch was a nice touch.
I love this peanut butter! It's like putting heaven on a cracker.
I was not a big fan of this on toast, the oats gave it a bland taste and weird texture. It may be good for in smoothies though.
I really enjoyed this flavour, not so fond of the other two combinations
Moi, je n'ai pas apprécié le goût de celui-ci. J'ai beaucoup mieux aimer celui au chocolat.
I tried the peanut butter banana granola peanut flavour and did like it but find it pretty thick. I did get it on clearance which is why I tried it, otherwise it is too expensive. I prefer to just add real bananas to the regular peanut butter.
We didn't like this at all the banana tastes too chemical and it's more expensive then just peanut butter with a real banana
The banana granola one is delicious, originally I enjoyed it but after a while I found the artificial banana tasted really gross. Granola and peanut butter was great together, but I'd rather add real banana slices to my toast on top of the granola and peanut butter mixture.
The honey one is okay, the cranberry so-so, but the cinnamon raison is the best of the 3. Is a little thick though, needs to be thinned out a bit for my liking.
Très bon ,j`ai été agréablement surprise de ce produit.Il est croquant un peu et je l`adore.Je vais en racheter c`est sur a 100%
Vraiment le meilleur beurre d'arachide que j'ai manger dans ma vie. Il y en as toujours a la maison !!!
I thought this p.butter was perfect. It had the right amount of flavor and just the right amount of crunch. I thought it was wonderful just alone with a tbsp every couple days when I wanted something sweet but crunchy.
I didn't think I would like this but I was wrong! This is now my favourite peanut butter! I love the crunch of the granola and the banana flavor!

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