3 5 0 89 89 Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Cashew Granola Bars offer a perfect balance of savory nuts and sweet granola.
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Sweet and salty and yum
I enjoy all the sweet and salty granola bars and nuts are whole and you can see and taste them. There are packaged well go to snack and easy to keep in my purse
Mixed Feelings
I used to really enjoy this product for its taste and convenience but I have recently become aware of news that traces of the pesticide, Roundup, being found in the product and so contradicts the brand name of "Nature Valley". I have since switched to Kashi brand of energy/granola bars for a healthier and more natural option.
I like these except I find them a tad bit too salty. love the cashew butter and cashews.
These are delicious, my favorite is the almond.
these are really good...less fat content would be nice
great product. nice blend of taste with the sweet and salty.
This is one of my fave granola bars - tons of nuts, and amazingly rich flavours.
I love nature valley products and this is one of my favorite flavours!! yummmy
I love Granola Bars but, I haven't tried this one before I would like to try them and write a review about them
Have not tried this flavor but all other sweet
My bf loves these. He will eat a whole box in one day.
I have not tried this one but have tried the oats and honey and loved it! Nature valley is a great brand would love to try this!
The best combo. I always find after a salty snack i look for a sweet snack afterwards so this product is perfect for both cravings.2 in 1 all the way.
It is extremely rare that I will like anything with peanuts in them, but I was pleasantly surprised with this little treat!I absolutely LOVE these things... and even better, crumble them up and top your favorite yogurt! YUM.
I just adore the sweet and salty flavour combination. Just awesome. Add granola to the mix and this is an absolute winner for me. Great treat food and hoping these hit our shores soon!

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