4.4 5 0 69 69 All LIL'Crunchies are designed specifically for toddlers to dissolve easily in their little mouths. Made with 100% whole grain corn. No preservatives. No artificial colours or flavours.
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Kid loves them
My daughter goes nuts for them. They aren't my first choice of snack due the amount of mess they create. But they don't taste too bad, and if the kid likes them, the mess is worth it for the happy child eating some puffs. Do not recommend for one the go use, due to mess.
Taste good
Baby loves these. They are easy to snack on and dissolve nicely. They go stale quickly so they don't dissolve quickly after about 3 days. There is quite a few in there to be used not making them as snack friendly if you only have one baby unless you eat them with baby
Not my favourite baby snack
My boys liked this snack but it’s not my favourite for them. I much prefer a food pouch or the small “puffs” from Gerber. I found these to be very messy and when I tried them myself I didn’t like the taste.
3year old loves it
My son has been eating these for 2 years now, he loves them and begs for them at the store. I steal a few too!
These are really addictive. My daughter loves them and so do I.
my little one loves these! they are perfect for little hands and they dissolve well, it helps lessen the worry of choking!
My son likes these occasionally. It’s not his favourite but he eats them.
Vraiment pratique pour les enfants très difficiles comme ma fille. En plus elle a une intolérance au lactose alors c'est facile de glisser ces grignotines dans notre sac quand on sort. Pratique au restaurant aussi quand elle veut bouger!
My son really loves this, easy to digest and tastes great!
My daughter loved these snacks! Easy for her to eat and hold by herself nice and crunchy! Somewhat* healthy.. compared to some other options anyway.
my baby and toddler love these snacks they dissolve very quick and they taste great
My babies always enjoy this little snack . I do wish they would have a bigger jar . Also they do go stale. I normally just transfer them to snack ziplock for on the go . Overal really good snack . I've tried it myself and it was good !
My daughters favorite snack!!! This says it all about the product. Kids love these snacks. Helps me during long travel. She nibbles it happily!!!
my grand daughter loves these and I tried them also and they taste pretty good too
My granddaughter loves this snack she eats this when we have one she can't have yet. It is very handy to have in long car rides.

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