0 5 0 9 27 It`s tiny because it`s fast. It`s fast because it`s tiny. It`s Nicorette mini Lozenge.
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didn`t find them to help very much, gum is better
I got a sample of these and we used them on a VERY long flight earlier this year. Did the trick for us, helped curb the craving. I haven`t tried them to quit smoking, but I think they worked great when used in our situation. I like the lozenge better than the gum.
I have tried other quit smoking aids, but I like the taste of this one better than most. Can`t say that it help me quit though.
I haven't tried this product I'm a smoker but, I guess I'm not ready to quit yet I've quit for 2months before and tried the Nicorette gum, it worked pretty good
I don`t smoke and don`t know anyone that has used this product. Would be nice if it did work for people.
This product looks like a simple solution to aid in kicking the habit of smoking.
My husband has been trying to quit for years, I may just surprise him and get him some of these. It would be awesome if they really work.
Don`t smoke. I am not sure how it would work sucking on tobacco.
this would have been handy a few years ago when i quit smoking! i like the idea of it being portable and pocket sized
trying to quit - may give these a try. will be looking for these.
please send samples my husband is trying to quit smoking
This looks interesting, I really want to quit and this looks like a great tool to help me achieve my goal.Need to try this one, soon.
I wish they would make a Nicorette product for people who wish to quite, but who also suffer from seizures would be able to take. I wanted to try this, but I was told I couldn`t because it could effect my seizures and the medication that I take for them.
Hated these, taste like crap and I`m still smoking.
My uncle tried these and didn`t like it, the taste wasn`t good.

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