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Theses do not leak. That s the best part. They are also affordable and super cute.
Easy to assemble. I liked that it was easy to clean all the pieces, so you know it is thoroughly sanitized! Overall, a great transition cup
The spout has the same material as that of bottle , so it makes it easier for kids. But one drawback , that I felt was teaching my daughter to tilt and suck, she would try to suck standing or running.
J'ai fait l'achat des verres playtex pour enfants et je dois vous dire que J'ai adorée cela. Il sont facile pour l'enfant à utiliser et pour nous a nettoyer.
Although I do love the Playtex brand, this particular sippy cup we did not like. It constantly leaks making a mess around the house and in bags/purses. We do love and use the ones for older toddlers and the ones with straws.
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My daughter loves these. Very easy to handle and clean. Definitely a thumbs up!
Our grandson loves this sippy cup. The spout is made from the same stuff bottle nipples are, so it is easier for babies to learn to drink from a cup.
These are one of the greatest training tools for the kids! My grandson found this so easy to work with! Recommend this product any day!
Great for little ones learning to use a sippy cup, love the handle.
Ma fille a reçu ces verres en cadeau, elle a 8 mois et je trouve qu'elle a beaucoup de difficulté à les utiliser. Alors j'ai moi-même essayé et c'est très dur d'obtenir du liquide. Je suis déçu car j'aimais bien les anciens playtex.
My daughter finds it easy to grab whenever she needs to...
although the concept is great, the playtex cups leak constantly! HOrrible! I put them in my bag, standing up, and still my bag ended up soaked as they constantly seep. We had used playtex products until now. The Avent and Munchkin are actually leak proof.
Je n`aime pas vraiment je préférais le modèle avant celui ci. Celui-ci est difficile a fermer on doit bien s`enligner sinon c`est très facile de rater son coup et là bébé est tout mouillé! De plus de bec se brise rapidement et fuit...
These work like a bottle due to the silicone mouthpiece. Mouthpiece gets squeezed like a nipple to let liquid out of small holes. No leaks but very little flow.

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